Full of Love



This month’s focus is living a life Full of Love.  We’ve asked some of our ladies to share their hearts and thoughts about what that looks like in different ways.

Grab a cup of coffee and join the conversation.


What does it mean to live a life full of love?

To me, a life full of love also requires a life full of hope. Loving someone or yourself isn’t about just obligation or “getting by,” but truly seeing the best in people and having hope for the things that aren’t the best to become better. Love isn’t static, or passive, but expectant.          ~Kathryn

What does it mean to love yourself?   Even when it’s hard?

It’s hard to love yourself when you are comparing yourself to others or wanting to be something you are not. Loving yourself is accepting yourself for who God made you to be. The Lord was teaching me about treating myself according to who I am and how He made me. If you can realize that you were made specifically to things that only you can do you would find it easier to love yourself even if you think it is hard. Asking God to give you His sight on how he sees you and illuminate the qualities He has given you will be the best way to love yourself when it is hard.          ~Heather

I feel like loving myself is generally hard, and I have a harder time giving myself grace than other people, but God has been teaching me that what I think, say, or do does not determine who I am or how He sees me. Not even a little. Realizing that God’s love for me is in no way dependent on me gives me freedom to try and see myself through His eyes. Perfect love really does cast out fear, and without fear it is easier to forgive myself and keep going and keep growing.         ~Kathryn

I’ve had time where I really beat myself up over a mistake I made or have had anxiety over a failure of mine.  I’ve always found it easier to forgive and love others than to forgive and love myself.  It is still an issue for me but I’ve made great strides as I have pursued my relationship with the Lord this last year.  There have been times I’ve prayed over an issue or my anxiety and I could feel God lift it off me and give me clarity.  It is one big cycle but with God, it is easier to get back to loving yourself because He helps you work through the hard and difficult stuff quicker that you could alone.          ~Kassie

What does a life full of love mean to you?  What have you learned through loving yourself? Leave a comment!  We’d love to hear from you!

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