Full of LOVE: Overflow {part 2}



“This is the land God has assigned to me. This is My Mission Field.”

                                                                                                                             -Lauren Pickthorn


Last post, we brought Lauren and the passion for her city front and center. These are more of her thoughts about the Mission Field God has given her:

I know that in working with Heart of the City, I have now found a place that I can take the tugs of my heartstrings and put feet to them. There is a tangible way to be an active member of my mission field. Working with messy people has been a huge learning experience for me, testing what I believe and how I believe God works. I have had clients that test my patience, clients that threaten me, clients that completely ignore anything I offer, and clients that weep with gratefulness. I have been frustrated, exhausted, and excited. Even through the small things that have been done through the organization, I can see a larger move of the Holy Spirit sweeping into this little town. Seeing the work of our God in this broken world makes every headache, every tear, and every tough conversation worth the work. We hope that as Heart of the City grows in resources that The Kingdom grows 10 times more.

God has given us the gift of compassion. Compassion is easy. It is easy to feel for someone, but feeling is only the first step to loving the way that Jesus did.

So what do we do about it? Where is our mission field?

What is YOUR Mission Field?

Heart of the City is a great place to start if you don’t know where to start. We have some very simple ways to step in to the lives of the marginalized people in our community:

  • Taking a client to coffee, hearing their story, giving encouragement
  • Providing a service for those who cannot afford them: Haircuts, Financial Counseling, Car Repairs, etc…
  • Donating Gift Cards for clients (Old Navy, Gas, Payless Shoe Source)
  • Joining the prayer team to pray over clients
  • Drive clients to church
  • Donating time for projects or working at the front desk
  • Other projects as they come up

Hear from Lyn Whelchel and why she serves at Heart of the City…

If you have questions about Heart of the City, visit the website at theheartofthecity.org or email info@theheartofthecity.org.

 Do you have a place of ministry?  How are you showing love out of your overflow?

Let us know and leave a comment!

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