Full of LOVE: Get it On


Calm down.  We’re just talking about putting our love into action for others, okay?!

van gogh

Now that, is beautiful.

We’ve talked about loving others this month.  Loving ourselves.  Loving when it’s hard. God’s love for us. Loving others out of the overflow of God’s love for us. And finding your Mission Field to show that love.  Have you taken this in?  Have you been thinking about what this looks like in your life? 

You can look at showing LOVE in these ways:

 Listen without interrupting   {Proverbs 18}

Speak without accusing   {James 1:19}

Give without sparing   {Proverbs 21:26}

Pray without ceasing   {Colossians 1:9}

Answer without arguing   {Proverbs 17:1}

Share without pretending   {Ephesians 4:15}

Enjoy without complaint   {Philippians 2:14}

Trust without wavering   {2 Corinthians 13:7}

Forgive without punishing   {Colossians 3:13}

Promise without forgetting   {Proverbs 13:12}

{Pssst!  Pinterest can be a GREAT resource for Biblical truths!  Imagine that!?}


Read 1 Corinthians 13 1 Cor 13

To truly LOVE is to be selfless.  How many times have we read this chapter on love, and it made us feel all warm and fuzzy?  It sounds so good in theory, but realistically, are we living it out?  To be honest: I don’t always want to.  Do you? It hurts; It may not reciprocated; It leaves me vulnerable and open.  Why should I love? Because, God asks me to.  He sees beyond what I can see.  He knows the benefits and rewards to my obedience.  It is who He is.  He loves us, so we can love others.
God has challenged my heart to ask these questions: Am I being truly being patient and kind?  Am I bearing all thing, believing all things, hoping all things, enduring until the end?
It has taken a lot of honesty and intentionality before the Lord.  As I have, God has poured back into my life in so many unexpected ways.  He has even rewarded my desire to love.

“Father God, I pray that we would all be selfless and love others in the way you love us.  It is by your strength that we can choose to do what is right and needed.  As we do, we honor you. Thank you for your faithfulness.  Amen. ”                   

          -Lisa Hefner

ANY thoughts?  Let us know!  Leave a comment!

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