LOVE: Hospitality from the Heart


I have always loved having dinner parties, throwing baby showers for friends and hosting family get-togethers. I used to think I had the hospitality thing down. Until recently.

A while back, I read a devotional that challenged me about what hospitality really meant and it has changed my whole perspective.


Love in Action: Romans 12:9-21

Our culture would define hospitality as opening up our clean and tidy homes to a perfectly cooked meal at a beautifully set table. And in the Pinterest-era, it’s easy to take that definition as truth. But, what does the Bible say about hospitality? What is hospitality, according to Jesus?

In Jesus, we see that hospitality begins in the heart and is rooted in love. Jesus invited children to come to him, even when His disciples saw it to be a distraction (Luke 18:16). He washed the disciples’ feet (John 13:1-17) and ate with sinners (Mark 2:13-17).  Jesus kept hospitality plain and simple…he showed people His love and cared for them where they were at. Jesus didn’t have a home to share, but He was hospitable. He was the Ultimate Inviter. During his time on earth, He invited people to “Follow me,” “Come to me,” “Walk with me,”  and “Eat with me.”

Jesus kept hospitality plain and simple…he showed people His love and cared for them where they were at.

So, what does that look like in our daily lives? Maybe it’s inviting a new neighbor for a walk around the neighborhood. It’s knowing the names of the baristas who make your coffee. It’s offering the spare room (or even a couch) in your house to the young girl trying to figure out what’s next in life. It’s offering encouragement to the young mom in tears with a screaming toddler in the middle of Target. It might look “messy” and it might take our day in a different direction than we had planned, but by listening to that nudge in our heart and looking for opportunities to serve others, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus and invite them into a closer relationship with the One True God.

I have realized that while all of that all the parties, showers and get-togethers are good and well, I needed to see hospitality through the eyes of Jesus as well as get a heart check, because that’s where Kingdom Hospitality comes from…the heart.

We love because He loves.
We welcome because He welcomed.
We invite because He invited.

How can you practice hospitality today?

What are some ways that you have been blessed by someone’s hospitality toward you?

Comment and let us know!

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Brittany Turco is a married, mama of 3, collector of vintage pyrex, lover of chocolate, coffee, baking, crafting, sewing, photography and Jesus. She blogs over at bebe a la mode designs and serves as the Infant / Toddler Coordinator in Kidventure at Grace Chapel.

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