Leap Day


Here’s your chance.  One extra day.  What are you going to do with it?

Maybe you can talk with that person or neighbor who you wouldn’t normally have talked to? Maybe you can get to that exercise routine you’ve wanted to do? {I’m talking to myself on that one…sigh.} Maybe you can get back on track with your prayer life, Bible reading, or journaling?  Or maybe you can hold your loved ones a just little bit closer in love in gratitude.  Find something and make it beautiful!

For me, I’m going to try and find the beauty and joy in my everyday things {because I’ve SO overlooked them}, hug my kiddos whether they like it or not, come to God in grateful worship for just giving me THIS DAY.  And…so important…try NOT to buy another box of Girl Scout Cookies.  #curseyousamoacookies

~Kim Smith


Yup, it’s me!  One of the chicks behind this blog.  Come find me at church or email me if you want to learn more about contributing to the blog!  We’d love to have ya!

Make Today Count!  Let us know what you want to do with this extra day!

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