Living with Intention


I’ve had this little card for a long time.  I think I picked it up in a cute shop at Cannon Beach.  It was helpful to me at the time of purchase because it gave me motivation, a new perspective, and some practical ways to actually live with intention. {I was probably a stressed out college student!!}  It’s lost its impact over the years, but it still carries a message for me to look at life with a little more “color”.

Living with intention can be SO difficult for me.  I literally have to tell myself, “Kim, just LISTEN TO THE BIRDS as you walk home.”  But the result is worth it: Peace and a moment with my Creator.

Things like: looking for joy in a situation, completing a task with purpose, really listening to a friend who is pouring out her heart to me, seeing my children NOT as an interruption, actually PRAYING for someone when I said I would, {I’m ALL for prayers in the car, shower, loading the dishwasher, drying my hair…} can be hard to do intentionally on a daily basis. Even, at times, just going back and REREADING the Scripture that I just read for my devotional–and then asking the Spirit to continue to prompt me about it–can be like remembering to dust my mini-blinds.  {No, just no.}

But here’s why I always had a little problem with this card:  read the last line.

“Live as if this is all there is.”

That bugged me.  As a Bible believing, I-know-this-world-is-not-my-home Christian–I struggled with that last statement.  Because this ISN’T all there is!  That’s why living with intention is so important!! That’s why going out and showing people Christ goes FAR beyond what this little card talks about.  It’s our PURPOSE. Our true intention.

This month, our focus is Being Intentional in these areas:

  • In our relationships
  • In our prayer life
  • In our health
  • In our homes
  • Around our tables

Join us and share what you’re doing to live with intention!!

I call this: “Fish Lips on Formal Night”  

-Kim Smith  {and daughter, Maia}


3 thoughts on “Living with Intention

  1. Cares says:

    Its so easy to get caught up in the minutiae of every day. Being intentional means putting post-it notes all over my house to remind me of God’s truths. Or, setting a timer on my phone to remind me to stop and “be still”. Like you mentioned Kim, making sure to pray for others immediately before I forget (or schedule a time on my smart phone). Its about training my heart to pay attention to the beauty around me and being grateful for all the things.


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