{Pictures by Ashley E Photography  ~ Isn’t she awesome?!}


on Facebook: {Ashley E Photography}

Thank you Ashley, for capturing the moments of our weekend!

Can you believe that this happened a month ago?!

I pray that you are still thinking and doing and carrying on with what you’ve learned from that amazing weekend.  Praying that the Spirit is still speaking and that Jesus is still enough.  Praying that God has led you to some new women and new experiences and that this is just the beginning of asking yourself…”IF: Jesus”.

Some amazing pictures and comments through #ifwilsonville were posted on Instagram by so many of you!  Here are just a few from that weekend.  I wanted to recapture you “in the moment”.  I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!


coles_brittinghamWhat IF:
A generation of woman rose up and truly lived and loved like Jesus? Where we let go of all the expectations and standards we hold [ourselves] captive to and we said “I am enough, because HE is enough” What IF: ? #ifgathering2016#ifwilsonville



 Reegan Whelchel’s newest tattoo


ash_hudd The greatest gift I received tonight from a complete stranger at #ifgathering2016 was this amazing painting! Lead by the spirit, after only seconds of encountering her making this, she approached me and told me she felt she needed to give this to me. What a blessing this weekend has already been! #ifwilsonville


mamacares This morning, I am taking some time to reflect on my weekend. I experienced #ifgathering2016 for the first time and it was incredible. I wish I could spend everyday studying God’s Word among friends and hearing from my new Cyber Mentors (@biancaolthoff I’m totally using that) #ifwilsonville


danaerose“Have you spent more of your life with your eyes on the thicket or on the cross?” Oh @angiesmith19 I am SO glad you said ‘yes’ to the Lord today. #iflocal2016 #ifgathering2016 #ifwilsonville




Karen & Merry showing their new tattoos!


danelle_pearson Every person at our table (including the one missing in this photo) was incredible. We ugly-cried, we laugh-cried, and we grew together. Complete strangers, but all united with God at the center. Our father swept my heart away on so many new levels this weekend. The call on our lives is a most powerful thing, and it’s not to be wasted. I’m already bursting for IF 2017. #getbehindmesatan #nottoday #ifgathering2016 #ifwilsonville #makedisciples #whatifjesus


mabelgabelI was just thinking about this this morning! If we treated everyone including ourselves with charity this world would heal and be less selfish and more kind.



This says it all.

Do you still have your domino?  Your tattoo?  All your notes or coloring pages?  Share with us!  Let us know what that weekend meant for you!


{And, you’re welcome Disney California Adventure}IMG_2677


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