Being Intentional: You are what you eat


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Being intentional with our health must include eating well.

So many women unfortunately do not have a plan or purpose in place with their eating habits.  Food is chosen on flavor, mood or convenience. Nutrition can be a complete afterthought, and if it is thought about at all, it’s usually within the context of calories.

Do you remember the story in the book of Daniel of the young Israelite men that were being held captive in Babylon?  They were appointed to serve in the king’s court as personal servants.  They were intelligent, wise, and very good-looking men.  Among them were Daniel and his three comrades. {Please tell me you just rattled their names off in your head!}  Because they were honored to such a high status, they were allowed to eat the king’s choicest foods and wines.

We can speculate what kinds of food they were offered {can you say, decadent?}, but Daniel and his friends refused to eat it {primarily because this food was first offered to pagan gods and then given to these men…nope, not gonna touch it!}

The king was offended, but the young men offered a compromise.  “Please test your servants for ten days, and let us be given some vegetables to eat and water to drink.  Then let our appearance be observed in your presence and the appearance of the youths who are eating the king’s choice food; and deal with your servants according to what you see.” {Daniel 1:12-13}

Can you guess what happened?

After ten days of veggies and water, Daniel and his buddies looked better and much fitter than any of the other guys eating the king’s food.  They were then honored as being brilliant, and God blessed them with intelligence and knowledge.

Daniel orange

They were intentional with their food choices and the results showed.

Now, we can get incredibly literal here and begin to eat simply vegetables and water, but I think we would be missing the point!  They abstained from decadent food and drink, emphasized nutritious food, and their bodies benefited greatly.  I would bet that the nutrients they obtained from eating clean food allowed them to not just have better physiques, but to have clearer minds, too.

What you eat matters.

Being intentional with you food choices matter–more than you may know! The foods that you eat directly influence how well your cells function, your muscle mass, your bone structure, your metabolism and overall energy, and your ability to resist disease and general maladies.

The following habits are a good place to start!  Think about your current eating habits and determine what you may need to change to make your daily diet more like this:

  1. Be purposeful about when and what you will eat daily. This requires a tiny bit more effort at first, but this is part of being intentional, right? Eat every meal {breakfast, lunch & dinner} and plan ahead of time if you will have a snack. Give purpose to every meal and prepare beforehand as much as possible. If it’s a mealtime, you eat. If it’s not a mealtime, you don’t eat.
  2. Eat protein with every meal. Put something on your plate that contains a lot of protein, like eggs, meat, poultry, fish, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, tofu, or a protein supplement.
  3. Eat produce with every meal, preferably more vegetables than fruit. Chances are you do not eat nearly enough vegetables, so making an effort to eat vegetables, in some form or another, at every meal will do wonders for your health. {Learn from Daniel and his guys.}
  4. Eat healthy fats. We tend to think of fat as just cheese, butter and oil. This is such a small snippet of fats, and our bodies need all types of it in appropriate amounts. Spread out your fat consumption, making a point to eat nuts, seeds, olives, fish, avocadoes and a variety of oils.
  5. Drink a lot of water. Drink a full glass of water with every meal, and continue to drink water all day long between meals. If you workout, consume an extra water bottle.

There are many more ways to dial in your eating habits, but these five habits should be mastered first.  Don’t worry about the details until you can honestly say that you are ready to be intentional about implementing these strategies, okay? But you can do it!

Go to to read more articles about nutrition, full meal plans and healthy recipes!

Be intentional with your food choices, ladies and you will be richly rewarded!  Go for it!

megan_dMegan Dahlman is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, and mother of two little boys. She coaches women of all ages toward becoming healthy and fit. She just launched , a website fully catered toward moms who are looking for a more heavenly perspective in health and fitness. It is loaded with workout and nutrition guidance, helping moms become truly healthy and strong, not just sexy. Megan lives in Aurora with her husband, two boys, horse, dog and chickens. You can follow her on Facebook @strongmommas and Instagram @strong_mommas.






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