Being Intentional: Hide

psalm bible

Part of living with INTENTION is being intentional about knowing Scripture and the love letter that was written to us by our Creator.  Today, our post is a quick bite of encouragement for you to chew on for the day.

Why should I hide God’s word in my heart?

I am His temple, and He lives in Me. It keeps my way pure. God’s word is full of life, truth and everything we need. Gives us wisdom. Enables us to grow in knowledge and understanding. Builds our faith. It keeps us out of trouble. It shows us what to pray, what to think, how to feel. It sets a guide, a roadmap for our journey. Gives us strength for whatever season we find ourselves in. God’s word is a direct line to understanding His heart towards us. We are to meditate on it, speak it and live it out. We need it to discern words that are true, paths we should take. What gets planted in my heart by the Holy Spirit cannot be taken away from anyone. God honors our diligence to His word.

How do I start?

~Write scriptures on an index card and then put them on your bathroom mirror, kitchen window, or refrigerator door.


The FABULOUS Carrie Postma of Ink & Mouse  has created a beautiful, download-able template for you to print and make your OWN Scripture Cards.  YAY!!

Here’s a picture of the download:

Click on the Ink & Mouse link above and head over to Carrie’s shop to download these beauties for free!

door posts

~Write a chapter/verse in a journal.

be still

This amazing Bible journaling is from Bekah Blankenship at:

~Listen to them on a Bible app.

Just start, God will help with the rest!

lisaLisa Hefner is one of the wonderful women of Grace Chapel that is dedicated to writing monthly for the blog.  She is a mama of 8 beautiful children and has wisdom to spare.  We love our Lisa!!

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