Being Intentional: Count on God

Deut lake

The longer I have lived, I see where God has been intentionally caring for me.

The sun rises and sets daily. Air fills my lungs every moment of the day. Rain waters the land for food and drink. My needs, wants and desires are met continually. He speaks through His word, through others and sometimes by a still small voice. He has been doing the same for you too. He does it because He wants to, because He loves us. Because He is God and can.

God told Moses and the Israelites to be strong, full of courage and without fear, that He would never leave them or forsake them. He never has, nor ever will. He doesn’t have to prove Himself, yet demonstrates it through our very existence. I hope this encourages you to see Him in a new light. Be strong, and count on God, dear friend.

Look at the story of Ruth & Naomi:


Ruth had lived with Naomi for years. She had heard about the God of Israel, His faithfulness and works. She saw the trust Naomi had in the Lord. She found a place of safety and hope, something that fulfilled a longing in her soul. She wasn’t about to let that go. Ruth brought strength to Naomi as well. They needed each other.

How many of you have had a relationship that has encouraged your soul? Someone that you saw on their knees before the Lord, testifying of His good works. I have. My Mother in law. She never thought much of herself, but her trust and faith in God changed my life forever. I wanted what she had, and basically, sat at her feet, receiving a heart to serve.


Look around you. There are women who have lived a life of Trust. They have the ear of God. I challenge you to reach out to one of them, spend time with them and ask them about their journey. It will change your life.


Lisa Hefner is one of the wonderful women of Grace Chapel that is dedicated to writing monthly for the blog.  She is a mama of 8 beautiful children and has wisdom to spare.  We love our Lisa!!


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