Being Intentional in the Everyday


There have been some awesome posts this month about being intentional in various areas of our lives and I hope you’ve been able to read, reflect and apply. As part of that application process, I thought we could see a few examples of how some of the women in our church body practice intentionality in their everyday lives.


IMG_7546CJ Stroup

“I don’t know about you, but I LOVE receiving family photo Christmas cards. Seeing how friends’ and relatives’ families are growing and changing brings me such joy. Oregon is the third state my husband and I have lived in since we’ve been married, so those Christmas cards also make me feel connected to those we don’t live near anymore. I put them all on display throughout the holidays. And each year, they are the last part of Christmas I sadly take down.
Well, last year, I decided that it wasn’t enough to see all of those sweet smiles just during the holidays. So now, when I take the cards down, I put them in a stack and keep them in a bowl near our kitchen table. And at night when we sit down for dinner as a family, we take the top card from the stack and bring it to the table. We talk about that family, sometimes reminding the boys who they are and how we know them, and we pray for them. And when we’re done, we place the card at the back of the stack so we have a new family the next night. It is a fun and practical way to remember to pray for our friends and family everyday. And it reminds me how God has truly blessed us through each of those beautiful souls.”

Brittany Turco2015 fam pic

“There are a few different ways we stay connected as a family and with God. One way is eating around the dinner table every night, screen free. We ask about the daily events and have a little check in. Now, I would love to say this is all Beaver Cleaver-esque, but there are many nights where kids are complaining about the dinner menu and arguing about who took the last taco. This is real life around the Turco table. Please tell me I’m not alone in this. Our dinner table could tell you lots of stories!

The second thing we try to do each week, is have a family night. Kinda like a family meeting. We sometimes call it a “how we’re doing” night. It’s a time where, after dinner, we sit in the living room and talk about how we’re doing in our walk with the Lord, things we’re working on in our faith and what God is teaching us. Everyone gets a turn to talk and share. Then, after we’ve shared, we pray together. After our little pow-wow, we play a game or watch AFV together and just hang out. It’s a sweet time and I think it really anchors our family. With busy sports and dance schedules it doesn’t always happen, but we do our best.”

curtis fam

Bethany Curtis

“I find that I’m intentional about a lot of things, some are important and critical; other topics are just because I like to. Some are for a season….

Ways that I try to be intentional within our family:

  • To remind my kiddos that I love them, but God will always love them more.
  • To tell my kids’ friends that we love them too.
  • To pray for my children and extended family daily
  • To celebrate small things and big things: Everything from teeth falling out and report cards to the importance of Easter and Christmas.
  • Our family supports a beautiful girl in Rwanda.  We want to remind her of Jesus’ love for her and ours through tangible expressions like a gift or letter.
  • We will also host missionaries, neighbors, coworkers, small group, for an evening or for a meal together.

Ways I am intentional in our community:

  • By loving on our kids’ teachers each year!
  • Our family invites our kiddo’s teachers over for dinner once a year to show our appreciation to them as well as remember their birthdays!

Ways I am intentional in our church body:

  • I love to sing, and I love singing on our Worship Team, but it’s a big time commitment. So I create time boundaries so can serve in joy!
  • I enjoy helping out with the big projects at church like the Rummage Sale and the Christmas Program. I also help plan a monthly meal for Foster Parents Night Out with other volunteer friends for one Saturday evening a month.
  • I help in Kid-Venture one Sunday morning a month; keeping in mind that planning is key, but God’s grace is most important for whatever could happen!
  • I make sure that I am in the Word and my church community by being involved in a Bible Study with other Grace Chapel women as well as a Missional Community with other families.

One thing I’ve noticed in the past few years especially is that I need margin in my schedule to see a need, to be able to address something new, to be spontaneous. There have been seasons where my spontaneity felt on hold, because I was too busy… too scheduled to add anything else. When you feel you have margin, you can be more spontaneous.

If you are wanting to be more intentional, ask Jesus where His priority and heart are at in your sphere of influence. If you will ask Him, He will show you.”

I find I serve Jesus most confidently out of my giftings.

What are your giftings and talents and how can you use them for Him?

What does Jesus want you to be intentional with? In what spheres of your life do you need His Wisdom, His Power, His Discernment, so that you are intentional for Him?

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