Identity: Masterpiece

Monet Masterpiece

Woman with a parasol  {Claude Monet}

“I am [we are] God’s Masterpiece…” (Ephesians 2:10, NLT)

When I think about a masterpiece, I think of the paintings of Claude Monet. I remember taking a field trip to the Portland Art Museum when I was little and seeing a Monet exhibit. Admittedly, I didn’t retain very much information about him at all, but I do remember staring at a wall that was covered in different renditions of Haystacks and thinking, why in the world would anyone paint that many piles of hay? They all looked the same to me. In college I took a Fine Arts class and gained a much deeper appreciation for his paintings. Now I understand that Monet saw great beauty in those piles of hay that he simply had to express.


Source:  Google Images


I also think of anything my 2-year-old nephew draws with his crayons as a masterpiece. What great joy and delight children take in showing off their artistic creations! And how do adults react to the finger painting, or the pasta jewelry, or the guitar made from an empty tissue box and paper towel roll? Amazement, wonder, high praise for creativity of little minds and perhaps clumsy fingers, honoring the devotion, the focus, the motivation and pleasure it took for the child to create that “masterpiece”. And what was their motivation? To create the one work of art that would make the world marvel at their talent? No, of course not! The child creates because they want to. Because they enjoy the creating. Because they pictured the beauty that they were capable of creating and made it come to pass.

What if I believed that I was in existence simply because God wanted me? Because He had this idea in his mind of something so beautiful, so incredible, so marked with His fingerprints that he rejoiced at my conception because it was all finally going to be expressed?

I am God’s masterpiece.

He made me simply because he wanted me. Because he was capable of creating all things and he chose to createyou & me bearing His very image, breathing His very breath. The beauty contained in the most glorious Creator is expressed in me. Living from that core value should transform me; how would I live if I believed I was here for His delight and His pleasure?

Art is an expression of the artist. It expresses a part of them that nothing else has the capacity to convey. Somehow, by creating me – with all of my facets, my personality, my giftings, my talents, my pleasures, my abilities – God communicated a part of Himself to the world that nothing else could.

And this is all true of you, too. Do you believe it? If you do, how has this belief transformed your life? If not, do you have the courage to believe it?

DanaeOregon born and raised, Danae has a big smile and an even bigger heart.  She lives a life shaped by God’s love and is passionate about loads of things including her church, her people, and her God. She speaks, she writes, she runs, she worships. And sometimes she attempts silly stuff like giving up sugar, coffee, and social media. 

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