Identity: Salt & Light

Matthew lightbulb

Just recently, I had the honor of catching up with a dear friend. She is the most bubbly, sparkly, comfortable, outgoing and giving person I know. But there has been something different about her for a while. I noticed her apologizing for just “being”, and some of her smile and spirit seemed overshadowed by a sadness. As she shared some of the trials she has faced, my heart got heavy. I thought, “not her too”…she is so precious, such an inspiration to others, the opposite of what she was feeling. She was letting it affect who she really is. She was believing lies that she had failed somehow, that she wasn’t good enough, or that she needed to change who she was. I could so relate to this.

How many of us have been/are there? Personally, I have felt nothing like what God has created me to be. Dumb, unloved, shunned, embarrassed by my weight or by my personality, not measuring up to others, responsible for others’ failures, a failure myself, trapped. The list goes on and on.. What does your list look like? Let me tell you something…they are not the truth. Yes, we all fall short, but we have to realize that there is something that works against us. We all have an enemy that would like to destroy us, our view of ourselves, so that our testimony as God’s chosen children would be marred. The enemy would want us to be so caught up in ourselves, in the disappointments of life, that we get sidetracked from our impact, purpose and place in this world. We are the Salt and Light.

I am, because of who God is in me, making a difference on all those I come in contact with. Whether it’s a smile, a hug, a listening ear, a meal, encouragement, a prayer or speaking the all these things, we are giving life.. His life.

It is the flavor, the seasoning, the light that directs others to the Lord.

If we get so caught up in our failures, seasons of character building or in all the trouble of this life, we will become ineffective, bland, dim. We have to see that we are part of a bigger picture, and end of something God ordained.

My darling friends, today is the day to choose. No more believing lies letting the enemy win. We are God’s chosen, dearly beloved, princesses, beautiful, Holy, blessed. You are not alone.

Don’t let anything hide that light, or take away your saltiness.

Bring your heart before the Lord and let Him heal the hurts, the wounds. He is the only one who can restore what the enemy has taken. Declare God’s goodness. Live every moment for Him. Shine that light girlfriend. Lift up your hands and voice, shaking that salt on all those around you just by being found in God. It’s Him in you. I am because of God’s great Love. I am the Salt and Light of the Lord.

lisaWe love our Lisa Hefner. She speaks such truth from her heart as she lets her Father speak to her.  Lisa is a wife and mother of 8 beautiful children and is a priceless member of the Grace Chapel family.

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