Identity: Sweat Equity

Colossians flamingo


As believers, our identity is rooted in Christ. At the moment of salvation, His own identity covers us and transforms us into new creatures. We are no longer defined by our failures, our shame, our own merits or capabilities. We are fully defined by Jesus Christ.

Yet, we still have our own individual quirks and characteristics. It’s another layer of identity that lies below our identity in Christ. This stuff is what makes us all beautifully different. But this is also the stuff that affects our relationship with food and exercise. We all approach nutrition and fitness so differently, and understanding your individuality is pivotal in your health journey.

Don’t think for a second that your role as a woman, a mother, your job situation, the depression that you may suffer, or your faith has no influence on your fitness motivation, abilities and expectations. It all matters.

Hop on over with me to my Strong Mommas blog to understand why being vulnerable with yourself about your own identity may be the key to unlocking your fitness potential. If you don’t get real and truly understand yourself, you may be lost along the path to true health and fitness.  And you can do it with beautiful rewards!!

Click here to read Who Are You? Why determining your identity is pivotal in fitness and nutrition.


megan_dMegan Dahlman is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, and mother of two little boys. She coaches women of all ages toward becoming healthy and fit. She just launched , a website fully catered toward moms who are looking for a more heavenly perspective in health and fitness. It is loaded with workout and nutrition guidance, helping moms become truly healthy and strong, not just sexy. Megan lives in Aurora with her husband, two boys, horse, dog and chickens. You can follow her on Facebook @strongmommas and Instagram @strong_mommas.

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