Preparing for Action

Isaiah light beams

Months ago, when talking through what we would like to see as topics for the blog, the idea of Women helping Women was mentioned.  This was great!  But…what could we do with it?  We didn’t have specifics at first, but we still kept the idea. Then it came time to think about when to plug it into the blog.  What about the month of May? That month is free  …Why not?  And then it hit us:  May Justice Reign.  Perfect.  The Authentic Grace blog can come alongside Grace Chapel and can highlight specific organizations and people in the Here, Near, and Far.  Because these are our people.  And we are the body of Christ.

God may bring other organizations to our table and we will ask Him what He wants us to say about them, so you may also see additional people and places and groups on our blog.  You will hear from the hearts of some of OUR women and why they’ve chosen to step into helping with justice in the name of Jesus.

Will you be in prayer?  Will you ask God to call you into action for justice?  Let’s take a stand together and be the light in the darkness to the Here, Near, and Far women around us.  Let’s take this journey together.

earth prays

“God of love, whose compassion never fails; we bring before thee the troubles and perils of people and nations, the sighing of prisoners and captives, the sorrows of the bereaved, the necessities of strangers, the helplessness of the weak, the despondency of the weary, the failing powers of the aged.  O Lord, draw near to each; for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.”   ~St. Anselm  {1033-1109}

If you’re following the May Justice Reign Prayer Calendar, the prayer for today is:

“Pray for the staff and volunteers of Africa New Life Ministries, as they feed, educate, support and love over 7000 sponsored children.”

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