Wait…it’s Thursday…they don’t post on Thursdays…

Well, yesterday, I had an off-day.  My 1st-world problems and well-benefited lifestyle just crowded me out.  Do you have off days?  I’m sure you do.  My head and my heart were just not in it yesterday and I’m sorry, friends.  …I think I needed to stop and listen to what the Lord wanted me to hear.  And here’s what I received:

How bad do I really have it?  {Don’t answer that. *wince* I already know the answer.}  What injustices did I really have to face yesterday?  A defiant child?  {yes}  Feelings of inadequacy? {yes, again} …But, at the end of it all, I was able to provide my family with food, shelter, clean water and clothes, and pets to love.

So, remember what are we talking about this month? 

Justice.  Women in Need.  Helping.  Thinking outside of ourselves.

Have you read the Tenets of May Justice Reign?

They’re beautiful.  They speak to the hearts of women.  They reflect the heart of Christ.

Just Thinking:  “Proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom” 

How?  Through teaching messages, we capture a Theology of Justice and Compassion.

Just Seeing:  “When He saw the crowds”

How?  Through awareness and partnerships, we expose the needs and how to be involved.

Just Feeling:  “He had compassion on them”

How?  Awareness precedes compassion.  Through feeling, we give ourselves permission to join others in their emotional pain.

Just Stepping:  “Send out workers into His harvest field”

How?  Stepping is where we move beyond our church walls and physically show up in proximity, to bring relief through acts of compassion and service.

THAT’S what counts today.

You may have read these for the first time or for the fifteenth time, but I would encourage you all to come and align your hearts to these principles not only today, but this whole month.  Continue in prayer over what you would like God to do through you, who you should help, where you should step, and to ask what will your voice say?

Matthew wheat

Here’s an Opportunity:

ANL fabric

Purchase fabric for a new dress

I love new clothes.  #anythinginnavyblue  Can you imagine having a BEAUTIFUL dress being made just for you–especially out of these fabulous fabrics?  Africa New Life has provided a way for you to make this happen for the mother of your Sponsored child OR the mother of any child on their site.  It’s a $25.00 gift {that’s like the price of a purse for me} and they will have a dress that makes them feel fabulous and cared for and special.  We want that.  That’s why we do this.  {Our family purchased fabric for the mom of our Sponsored child in honor of our mothers for Mother’s Day}

Want more info?  Here’s the link.

If you’re following the May Justice Reign Prayer Calendar, the prayer for today is:

“Pray for workers at DHS Child Welfare as they try to find healthy homes for children and support families as they reunite.”

IMG_1199{Kim Smith}

Thanks for letting me have an off-day.  It feels good to write when my heart is full.

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