Ugly colored pencils 3

ug·ly  adj   -unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance

This culture bombards us as women with what beautiful should look like.  That probably leaves most of us feeling ugly in some way; even if it is very subtle.  Ugly looks and feels different to each person, but we know that we feel it, when we feel it, and sometimes, why we feel it. It could be pressure from society’s demands, but it can also be because of a traumatic experience.

God never intended us to look at ourselves this way.  He sees us as His children, redeemed and white as snow.  We are beautiful and precious to Him.  Yet, even though we may hear these truths, it can still be difficult for us to accept them.  Many women {and girls} may not even get the chance to process their feelings about something that may have happened to them or simply how they feel about themselves against the current cultural expectations.

We want to introduce you to Karly Bierma.  She is a remarkable woman-to-be.   Karly’s only an 8th grader, but she’s proven herself wise beyond her years.  Her principal, Skyler Rodolph, attends Grace Chapel and brought Karly and her fabulous art-therapy idea to the attention of our staff.  Now, Grace Chapel is supporting Color Through The Ugly this month during MJR.  And we, at Authentic Grace, want to bolster this incredible girl and her creative program.  Take a look:

My name is Karly Bierma, I am an eighth grader at Ninety-One school, and my mission is to inspire and help others using art. Throughout my life, I have relied on drawing, painting, or even sculpting to get me through bad days, and knowing that some children do not have the opportunities to experience the pure joy that art brings is heart wrenching. In the beginning of my seventh grade year I proposed the idea of a mural at our school. Later in the year I followed through with the idea and each middle school student got to put their handprint on the wall as a commitment to leading a positive legacy. Towards the end of the year I hosted art classes to elementary students, and donated the money to a foundation that grants underprivileged children with the gift of art. Through painting the mural and putting on art classes, I have realized “anything is possible.” Before I did both these amazing things I knew those words as just an inspirational quote, but now I know the quote is true.
-Karly Bierma

the dreaming zebraKarly is supported by The Dreaming Zebra Foundation.

Whatever we can donate can help “spread artistic joy, inspiration, and love to children in need.”

Here’s what CTTU believes:

“Although it is not much, a small art kit or Creative Kit containing a variety of supplies of which are donated, can change the mindset of a child or teen.  Art is a safe way to express emotions and thoughts, or simply distract from a devastating past.  Sadly to say, not many kids have the opportunity to even consider drawing or painting, and with your help, CTTU can provide pure happiness one Creative Kit at a time.”

canvas paints

Here’s how you can help:  Donate new or lightly used art supplies.

Supplies needed:  Regular paint, watercolors, finger and face paints, paintbrushes, construction paper, colorful tissue paper, glue, scissors, tape, chalk cotton balls, feathers, beads, pencils, markers, crayons, coloring books, Play-Doh or clay, easels, painting aprons, pipe cleaners, crafty materials, yarn, tablecloths, notebooks, and sketch pads.       *All supplies should be washable and non-toxic due to the age group of the children served. 

// You can drop off the supplies at the May Justice Reign table at the back of the worship center. //  Thank you!!

If you’re following the May Justice Reign Prayer Calendar, the prayer for today is:

“Pray for those who rescue slaves.  Pray for their endurance and their safety.  Pray for the lasting effect on those they save.”

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