Thinking Inside the Box

Ladies, this is just the COOLEST story.  We have some AMAZING families at Grace Chapel and Juliana Arsenault is part of one of them.  In fact, the star of this post is her son, Brayden.   #completerockstarforfostercare

So, we are almost coming to the end of our May Justice Reign blog posts.  How has this month gone for you?  How has God been speaking to you?  Are you ready to read about yet ANOTHER great opportunity and how an 8-year-old boy is showing us how to do it?


Two words:  Welcome Boxes.  Three more words:  Just do them.  These simple-looking boxes on the outside carry a TON of love and care on the inside.  A Welcome Box provides children who have been removed from their home a way for them to have some basic necessities for their new home placement, along with toys and snacks to help them feel better as they wait at DHS to be placed.  Grace Chapel provides this opportunity for not only individuals, but for families.  And do we have a family for you!

Brayden 1

This awesomesauce kiddo is Brayden Arsenault.  His mom, Juliana, is one of our Grace Chapel women and she will be telling this incredible story of how her son lived out Jesus to those around him for those in need.

“It all started when Brayden’s grandparents raspberry crop came on full force. They live in Canby and had more delicious ripe organic raspberries than two families could possibly consume.  “Papa”, Brayden’s grandfather, asked him if he would like to have a berry stand and Brayden thought that could be fun. He had been wanting to do a lemonade stand for months. Perfect. A great combination! It was that very Sunday we learned about Welcome boxes. Brayden’s mom asked Brayden how he felt about some of the money from his sales going to this awesome project. He thought it sounded like a good plan.

Brayden sold his fresh picked organic raspberries and lemonade over the course of the next four weeks. By the end of the first week he had decided that ALL of the money should go towards the foster kids. 

He kept with it despite the heat and hours of waiting for customers to find him. He kept selling. He sold knowing that his hard work was not going to buy an awesomely ginormous Lego set as he had perhaps originally planned. This money was for toys for other children.

 He was prepared for slow going. Brayden lives on a cul-de-sac and he was set up to sell during the middle of the day, on weekdays. Definitely not prime lemonade stand hours. Not much traffic goes through a cul-de-sac.

Brayden’s mom decided to start a little social media advertising for him.  [SMART MOM!!]

First friends, neighbors, and family came by to sip lemonade and pick up fresh berries. Then friends of friends and strangers passing by. Then he got orders for berries via social media. Incredible.

Word continued to spread through his family friends and connections. Soon he started receiving checks in the mail supporting his mission!  He was reminded to tell his customers about what the money was for.  He would ask, ‘Mom, (insert sigh), why do you keep having me tell everyone why I am doing this?’  It was explained to him that hopefully people would see God’s love in what he was doing.”

We’re going to say YES!  We DO see what you’re doing, Brayden!  Thank you for being such an awesome example to the ladies of Grace Chapel.

Brayden 6This is Brayden and his mom, Juliana.  They are now Authentic Grace All-Stars in our book.  We love that they shared their story with us!

Go visit the MJR area in the back of the Worship Center for more information about the Welcome Boxes ~ You will enjoy the process of providing for these children.


If you’re following the May Justice Reign Prayer Calendar, the prayer for today is:

“Pray for miraculous healing for those who suffer from incurable diseases or ailments.  Pray for their spiritual wholeness.”

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