P3: Stillness

P3: Psalms, Proverbs, and Prophets

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Be still and know that I am God
Be very very still and I will show Myself to you
There is grief in the waiting
But don’t stop pressing in
Hold your breath
I am very near
I see you
Do you see Me
I’m right next to you
Feel a stirring inside you
That is Me
I want you to know Me
Come near
Be still
Be very still
And know that I am God

Some trust in horses, some in chariots but I will trust in the Lord my God

Hush little child
It is only in the stillness, the still small voice that I can be heard or known
It is there you will find the fulfillment you are longing for
What do you need, what do you want
I long to satisfy you
Don’t hold back
Give all of you to Me
In the secret, in the quiet places I can be found

Have you ever taken a walk through the forest and come across a pond or still stream? I have and I am often drawn to lay down a blanket and have a picnic beside it.

Picture this scene: it’s a warm day with a light breeze and the only sounds you hear are the birds chirping and the leaves of the trees rustling…ahhh, that stillness is delightful. While in this place of quiet, peace and contemplation, I don’t have to do a thing but just be, resting my mind and body. I am not thinking of the time or an appointment I have to get to or a list of things that must get done. Can you picture that? This is one way of experiencing the concept of ‘Be Still’. It’s is a hard thing for us to do in this crazy, busy world we live in but God draws us to Him by inviting us to just ‘Be Still’ and experience Him.

When I know Him, I can appreciate and even enjoy Him. To know Him is to have spent time with Him. This has not always come easy to me as I often feel I have a motor inside me with a revving engine, ready to jet off someplace and get things done. Yet my Heavenly Father has gently been teaching me the value of sitting at His feet or on His lap or beside a still stream so that I can get to know Him and put my trust in Him. How can one put their trust in someone unless they know them? You can’t and you would be foolish to do so. He calls us to quiet ourselves before Him, rest in His Arms and contemplate Who He is and what He will be or wants to be in our lives.

Once, as I was talking to Him about a situation where I did not like the outcome and I was pouting and letting Him know how unhappy I was, He brought this verse to mind. And I heard it differently this time, I heard,

“Be still My child and know that I Am God — not you. I know the beginning from the end and you do not, so trust Me in this: I have good plans for you, to prosper you and not harm you. Trust in My loving Presence and order of your life.”

That changed my outlook very quickly. His chastisement is so gentle and loving and full of hope. But I would not have gotten to this place if I had not learned the value of being still and getting to know who He is and who He wants to be in my life. Selah.

IMG_2391Sherri Brown was born and raised in Indiana in a Catholic family and met Jesus Christ in her teens. She was married 39 years before her beloved husband went home to be with the Lord. She has two children, six grandchildren and one great grandson. She is pictured here with her eldest granddaughter and her great-grandson.

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