P3: Fragrant

P3:  Psalms, Proverbs & Prophets

Prov mountain flower

Have you ever walked by a lady, and there was just something sweet about her? She smelled good. It wasn’t her perfume. It wasn’t even her clothes. It just emanated from her whole being. There seemed to be a welcome sign that hung over her head that said,  “Free love, hugs and an ear to hear for all.” Yet…she was even trying to BE anything, she just was.  So…

How do I become that woman?

By caring more about what God thinks than others.

By seeing that the fruit of my daily walk, daily trust, daily surrender, time in the word,  and our Father, patience and faithfulness is what is seen by others. It will never be what we have, or even try to be, but who we are. Adorned by God’s very life and breath. So beautiful. So lovely. So fragrant. So real.

~Lisa Hefner


So, how is your daily walk, friend?

Are you remembering that you can be a sweet fragrance to those around you?

Perhaps today, you can think upon the fruit in your daily life and meet with the Lord about it.  He will shower you with love and wisdom.


One thought on “P3: Fragrant

  1. Sharon O says:

    oh Lisa You are such a sweet fragrance… I want to hang around you and enjoy your sweetness. And also hear your words and pray with you and hug you and just be your friend.


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