P3: Waiting & Watching

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed, says the LORD, who has compassion on you.

–Isaiah 54:10

This year The Lord has asked me to allow Him to reveal His love to me. Seems silly right? Hello! It’s GOD!! I know He loves me; my salvation, daily provisions, blessings, and all the other pieces of Him that infiltrate my days are things that confirm and affirm this for me. But, He’s made it clear that He wants me to see and experience fully what His love looks like; “…sit and wait and watch…let me show you…I want you to understand…”

I find myself frustrated in my relationship with Him as it seems He takes me to a very basic place when He’s trying to teach me something. (Can you tell we’ve been down this road before?!) I’m left stuck in my own selfish pride saying “Lord, we’re past this! I want to grow deeper in our relationship, not review the basics!”

Each time I protest He gently and lovingly reminds me to “sit and wait and watch”. The past few years have been transformative and transitional in my little family and each step of the way He’s provided during times of stretching us. He’s loved so specifically when we’ve experienced uncertainty and breathed life so perfectly into circumstances we never could’ve dreamed up. Life sometimes hands us things we don’t like; circumstances present challenges before resolution that we would never choose to walk through willingly.

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken….” I am still in this season of change and waiting and watching. Daily He is revealing His love for me in different ways and walking through this with Him has encouraged me to slow down; to watch and look and wait for the experiences He has – for me. I am inspired to find contentment in each breath and to continue to remember that I can’t be separated from His love and that His love (although more vast than I believe I will ever truly comprehend) is specifically designed for me.



Erin Heins is a wife to JD, mother to Cash & Eleanor and devoted pursuer of Jesus. She serves on the Women’s Ministry Team at Grace Chapel and is active in a local MOPS group. She has a passion for women and other moms that is genuine and has the best sense of humor. (Bio affectionately provided by Brittany Turco)

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