P3: A Father’s Love for Us


When I crave peace and comfort, you will find me at the Oregon coast.

You will see me standing in awe, that the one who created this massive body of water, knows my name!  His love is so big it’s beyond my tiny understanding.  The waves and storms of this life can feel so overwhelming and can toss me to and fro, leaving me feeling directionless, searching to find my land legs.  

If I can take a moment and listen to my breath, the breath He gives me, I can invite Him in and He washes over me. He shows up and meets me in a radical way.   His forgiveness reaches from the furthest places and into my deepest personal darkness.  I can hear His words, His words of adoration, comfort and calmness.  He is fully present and invested in me.

One of my favorite scriptures is Psalms 46:10 “Be still and know I am God!”   


Lyn Whelchel is the first face people see when coming in to The Heart of the City. She performs intakes for each person or family that comes through the door. She has a passion to love others in their brokenness and a compassionate heart for ALL. She and her husband, Tom, have been married for 28 years and nine children call her mom.

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