One Real Woman: I’m 14 again

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I’m in a sea of High Schoolers.  They’re all around me and too close for comfort.  I must keep moving.  There’s no real politeness from neither them or me, just everyone getting to where they need to go; but it’s suffocating.  Is this a dream?  No.  Just the Back to School Business Day at my son’s high school.

He’s a Freshman this year and we’ve not experienced this before.

Lord Jesus, thank you for walking us through this valley of the Shadow of Death.

{I need a t-shirt for surviving that:}

crowdNow, flashback with me about 10 minutes.  Before the crowd.  There were lines to stand in to pick up locker assignments, schedules, pay fees, and take their picture .  And apparently, teenagers don’t know how to stand in a line.  Fortunately, there were other parents there, but I wasn’t even sure if they knew how to stand in the line.

Amidst all this, I look at my son and I can see his posture and countenance changing before my eyes.  He’s not comfortable and joking with his friends…he’s with his mom.  Not cool, I know, but at least he’s not alone.  However, I see his face and see him watching and processing those unknown students around him and I see his shoulders start to hunch and his eyes become downcast…and I feel everything.  It’s heart-dropping, because I get it.  I see it in me.

He’s a great kid.  Intelligent, funny, extremely creative and a Star Wars geek.  But he’s not your jock or your token, good-looking popular kid.  He’s…exactly how God created him to be.  Just like I am.  Just like you are.  I get all Momma-bear about it, sorry!  MY insecurities creep in and worry if my son will be accepted or made fun of.  How will he do in High School?  What will become of him?  How will he handle the pressures?!!  I remind myself that God has plans for my son.  Great plans. His watchful eye is upon him and He loves him more than I ever could.  He loves all of us more than we could ever know.

But you know what I saw?  I saw a BUNCH of these teenagers handling the moments in their own ways.  Some, looking like my son; some looking just as lost; some just bored, and some being obnoxious and wanting attention.  And most of them had this look:


Google Images


But I know on the inside, they were doing this:


Google Images








Yah, that would have described me too.  Why?  Because even though we are way beyond age 14, {we} women cannot escape what the world puts upon us.  The pressures to be all and have it all.  {To look like we know what we’re doing!}  Looking a certain way or having our homes or jobs or families look a certain way will create a sense of status or place in our social circles.  It’s like having the right brand of shoes in High School to make sure you fit in.  #birkenstocks  #forreal

Despite the craziness of the morning and the varying behaviors of the kids in that school, they all had a story to tell.  You could see it more clearly on some of their faces, others masked it well.  But do we do that?  Are we living masked?  Well, it’s time to take it off.

As women, we’ve got stories that shape {and are shaping} who we are.

As a Women’s Community at Grace Chapel, it is part of our DNA to come alongside one another in support and encouragement as we sojourn on our Christian journeys.  This month, we will be unmasking ourselves and discussing what it means to be a real Christian woman today.

May you embrace these stories to come {we don’t know what God has in store!} from our own Grace Chapel women–whether posted with a name or anonymously.  May these stories speak to your soul and encourage you to reach out in love.


IMG_2793 ~Kim Smith


This is me with my Freshman guy:  Avery.

My husband and kids and I have been attending Grace Chapel for a little over 4 and a 1/2 years.

I am the lead admin for the Authentic Grace blog and love meeting new women and hearing their stories.

Maybe I can hear yours?  Come find me!


2 thoughts on “One Real Woman: I’m 14 again

  1. Kiesha says:

    Kim…from a mommy who is currently experiencing a little back-to-school anxiety on behalf of her own little men, that was wonderful! Thank you…


    • gracechapelwomen says:

      Yes, Kiesha! We must circle the wagons and band together with our send-offs! I remember when my kiddo was heading off to his first day of Kindergarten, so it’s like that all over again. But we’ve got this! And God’s got them! Thx Kiesha!!


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