La Cucina: Sweet & Savory Bacon-Wrapped Italian Plums

La Cucina

Welcome to our Saturday Special:

La Cucina

Each Saturday for the month of September, the Authentic Grace blog will be featuring recipes from some of our Grace Chapel women.  Enjoy!

 Sweet & Savory Bacon-Wrapped Italian Plums


contribution by:  Danae Allen

We hosted a family birthday dinner last week and I (thanks to Labor Day) had the day off. I was invited to make the appetizer for our gathering. We have an abundance of Italian plums this late summer from the old tree at the bottom of our field and though I could eat them by themselves all day long, I wanted to use them in a creative sweet/savory dish. Lately, I’ve done bacon-wrapped dates for appetizers when the family hangs together, and so I went searching for a similar recipe using plums. Here is what I found:

Really Amazing Inspirational Recipe

And here’s what I did with it:

Sweet & Savory Bacon-Wrapped Italian Plums (served 7 bacon-crazed Allen-people)

15-20 Italian plums, sliced almost completely through and pitted
1/4 – 1/3 cup gorgonzola cheese
15-20 strips bacon, cooked
fresh rosemary, about 30-45 leaves

If you have the grill hot, place the plums fruit side-down and grill for 1-2 minutes until the juices start running. If you aren’t using the grill, just place them fruit side-down in a sauté pan and cook over low-medium heat until they soften a bit and get juicy. You may have to do them in stages if you have a lot of plums to use.


Remove them from the pan and allow to cool for a minute. Begin filling the crevice with gorgonzola – I used about a teaspoon of cheese per plum.


Add 2-3 leaves of fresh rosemary and close the plums. Finish by wrapping with a slice of cooked bacon. Serve immediately.


danaeSooooo…AG’s very own Danae REALLY wanted to post this delicious recipe today…We just couldn’t say no!  YUM!!

Danae loves cooking and can’t wait for the day when she has more time to spend in the kitchen.  This post first appeared on her personal blog:

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