One Real Woman: Royalty


There was a time I lost everything.

Or so it felt.

I lost home, I lost belonging, I lost friends and familiarity and those that knew of my abilities before I was ‘just a mom.’

I lost me.

And I would be sent.  To a new city, a new church of God’s choice, to a place of total unknown.  And I would be told to rest.  No effort, no blog, no striving, no attempt to fit in – no nothing.

I would lay it all down.  I would lay my identity down.

And it hurt.  I felt lost.  Having proclaimed for decades that my identity lay in Christ did not measure to the reality of walking out my talk.  I was a fraud in my claims to rely solely on Him – where would I be without the approval, the recognition even, of man?

And then He spoke.  In the tender voice that changes lives, He spoke.  And in the moment and the weeks and the years that followed, His words have burned.  Burned identity, burned value, burned belonging.

And when I wrestle I turn to those words and the One who breathes on them life, to the One who asked me to speak those very words over you…

“You are the one I want to be with.  You desire audience with those who are great, but The Great desires audience with only you.  

You long to be noticed, valued, important – acknowledged by those who wield influence and authority, but the source of all authority is drawn to you.  He who assigns value, who creates importance, it is I who am passionately seeking you. 

There is no working for significance, there is only turning to embrace it.  There is no effort to become royalty, only the realization of royal blood that within your veins already flows.”

Royal blood already flows.  You are precious, my fellow sister, and I pray you allow yourself to realize it.


Kiesha Brainard spends her days keeping up with three men – one full-grown and two growing way too fast.  She is learning that God loves to laugh and smile, and that He is so much better than we could ever imagine.

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