One Real Woman: Engineering & Design


In 2014 I graduated from OSU and accepted a job in Medford, Oregon.  I was so excited because I thought that I would finally get a chance to settle down after moving around every six months during college internships.  Medford was not too long of a drive from my family and I was working in aviation, which was what I wanted to do with my degree.  I felt like I had a plan and a direction for my life; however, I quickly learned that God’s plan for the next year of my life would be different than mine.About six months after I moved to Medford, my grandma was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.  My grandma had always been the kindest person I knew and was a strong follower of Christ.  I’ll never forget a conversation we had when she told me about Paul and Silas singing in prison in Acts 16.  My grandma said that she wasn’t happy about her situation, but she could still choose to have joy and praise God like Paul and Silas.  She continued to hold onto that joy until she passed away in 2015.  I knew that everything was in God’s hands, but I just wanted to know why it happened.

Many events occurred over the next few months that made me feel as if everything in my life was falling apart.  But the one thing I felt like I could handle during this time was my job.  I was the only female engineer at my company, which came with it’s own set of challenges, but I felt like I was good at what I was doing.  However, after only nine months with my company, they announced that there was going to be a substantial layoff.  I didn’t end up losing my job, but I watched many long-time employees walk out of the office that day and just kept questioning why I was still there.

As an engineer, I like to solve problems and don’t like unanswered questions.  It can be frustrating when I don’t understand why the world is the way it is.

Looking back at that year, I realize that the evil and hardships in world aren’t God’s will.  He designed this world to be perfect without pain, but unfortunately evil was brought into this world.  Although that year was difficult, I can look back now and see that God used many of the hardships for His good.

God was leading me and other people around me to come closer to Him.

I was reminded to rely on Him, because ultimately, the only certainty that we have in this world is salvation through Christ.

Even when I don’t understand why God is allowing something to happen, I can choose to trust God, give Him control of my life, and hold onto His joy.  Just like my grandma did.

I moved to Wilsonville in the beginning of 2015, after God made it clear that this is where I’m supposed to be.  He provided a new job that I love-when I wasn’t even looking for one.  The entire move went smoothly, and I felt His presence and guidance throughout the process.  Since moving, I have made many new friends and had the opportunity to strengthen old friendships.  I have also had many opportunities to serve God and have found a community at Grace Chapel where I can continue to strengthen my relationship with Him.

The past couple of years have taught me to trust in God even when I have questions, and they have also made me excited to see where he plans to lead me in the future.

img_5866Anna Royce is a mechanical engineer at Columbia Helicopters.  When she’s not at work, she loves spending time in the outdoors, hanging out with friends, and watching football.  She volunteers with the sixth grade girls in Ardent and loves building relationships with them and seeing them grow in Christ.

Anna is THE BEST 6th grade leader!!


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