Vertical Pursuit: Begin

VP Climbing Gear.jpg

VERTICAL PURSUIT IS ABOUT living life in response while

RELENTLESSLY PURSUING GOD and the life He has for us.


“God wants us to live, serve, and process truth in community.  We are all at varying stages of maturity and need people around us to help guide us toward Christlikeness.  Pursuing God with other people will be invaluable as you seek to understand what the Bible is saying and how God wants that truth to play out in your life.” (Vertical Pursuit pg. 8)

Here at the AG blog, we are taking the month of October to dive deeper into our Vertical Pursuit study as a church. We will be hearing from various Grace Chapel women as they reflect on some of the questions and topics from the Vertical Pursuit book.

We would encourage you to:

Gather up your gear:  Your copy of the VP book, a pen or pencil, your Bible, and some time. 

Set your course:  Are you reading this book in community?  By yourself?  With a friend?  In a small group?  Are you committed to reading it and reflecting on the questions provided?

START WITH: YOUR CORE  Who are you?  What is your center?  How do you see your sense of value and worth?  Are you running towards humility in this process? 



We have our climb ahead of us, ladies.  But we can do it.

Together…and with authenticity.

Check in with the Grace Chapel Women’s Community and tell us how you’re doing!

(The Authentic Grace Blog Team and the Women’s Community Team)




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