Vertical Pursuit: The way He sees it

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Do you ever feel like you are living amongst the chaos of life?

We, as women, wear many hats:  Chef, maid, accountant, mother, career woman, friend, taxi driver, etc.  The list could go on, but I’ll stop there.
I find myself in constant chaos as I attempt to juggle between each hat I wear. When I start to notice the chaos is a bit out of control, I begin to rebalance it and try to get a grip on it. But then life seems to change; something new is added or something else ends.  The kids get a little bigger. My husband loses his job so I ramp up my business to cover him not working. I start a diet. Husband finally gets a job…and before I know it everything I was doing while he wasn’t working…I am still doing.  But with husband going back to work, I now have lost my full time childcare provider (aka: my husband). Everything I was doing in a span of a day now needs to be completed in 2 hours during nap time (if nap time even happens).
So I check myself and try to rebalance yet again.  If I’m not doing well, I will evaluate and then seek the Lord in this.  (If I may be totally honest, this is not something I would pride myself in saying that I’m good at!)
When I was asked to write for the blog and was given my question to answer…
I sat there….thinking…nothing…

This was my question:
“What gifts you are seeking from your Heavenly Father?”
Its actually broken down quite nicely in the Vertical Pursuit book. You should check it out!
Pages 89-95.

As I started writing, I realized this:

What is my answer?

I can honestly say I don’t have one. If I can be completely transparent… I HAVE NO IDEA!
As I read through each of the four gifts mentioned in the book….
still nothing… completely blank… so I just start to write.
Why is that? I ask myself.
The reality is, I have filled life up with more then I should, and seeking my Heavenly Father has taken the back burner.
Sure, I pray. Daily. Even hourly-as things come up. Quick prayers here and there about my children, people in my life, etc. But they are all short, sweet simple requests to the Father that don’t allow for the intimacy He so longs to have with me. 
Ironically, I sat there thinking, but, Kailina, all of this is for you!
Then He immediately reminds me of the passage in the Bible where Mary and Martha are hosting Jesus and one sister is busy buzzing around prepping things and the other is seated at Jesus’s feet.
And the Lord says to me, sitting at my feet is the better choice.
Man do I feel convicted. 
We live in a day and age where we wear our busyness like a badge of honor. We find our self worth in everything we are juggling and doing. And although these things can all be good things, The Lord beacons us to choose Him first.
When I choose Him first, oh how much more balanced am I emotionally, and prepared to take on the day in front of me!
How much more patience will have I have for my whiney toddler, and chatty 7 year old and the chaos that they bring amidst all the things I “need” to accomplish in the day.
He longs for us to see the world as He see it: through His lens.

Today, happened to be a day where I met with God, and I got to enjoy His blessings in that.
I have an independent, strong willed 2 1/2 year old daughter, and have been told she gets that from me.  She doesn’t have many words yet, and mostly speaks just one word–no sentences. “That. Milk. Phone. Show. Water. Snack. Up.” She can get her basic need met. Much of this summer consisted of lots of screaming, whining and fits as I tried to help her figure out better ways of communicating. She’s not mastered it by any means, and the whining and screaming nonsense still happens often, but much less then this summer. By the time school started I was pretty much at the end of my rope.
Today, I stopped all the busyness around me and choose to see her, the way God sees her, and watched the miracle in front of me. She “read” me some of her books. She pointed out things like rabbit and bird and slide and would repeat the word after me. I sat on her bed with her and watched her trying to say the word exactly like me, and her knowing they weren’t the same, and trying again. She so desperately wants to communicate using her words and I can see her trying to figure it out.
God gives us blessings for our enjoyment! He gave me her, as a blessing and for enjoyment, but if you’d asked me even a week or so ago, I would have told you in the most eloquent of words how awful she is, and how she’s driving me crazy. That this was just a stage and it would be better next year.
If I’d continued on this path, and filled my day up with all the things there are to do, I would have missed these simple fleeting moments, because my mind was focused elsewhere and just waiting and hoping next year would be better. Worse than that, I would miss all that God has right in front of me!
It doesn’t matter what phase of life you’re in. Are you seeing God’s blessings in it?
They are there amongst the chaos and noise if only you would choose to focus on Him and what He has for you.
Ladies, I’m not sure if this blog post was meant more for you than it was for me, but I ask you (and myself for that matter);
How will you make him a priority? Even amongst the chaos of life.
He should be at the top of your list! Would you allow Him to guide your day, and see the world the way He sees it? 
Will you receive the gifts he has in store for you?

kailinaKailina Don, grew up in Troutdale, and met her Husband of ten years, David Don, while attending Portland State. Mother of two, David (7) and Avelina (2). She spends her days, chasing her two year old, managing her Jewelry Business & coordinating tasks as the Hospitality Lead for Mops. She is passionate about Women and speaking God’s truth in their lives. She prefers to see the glass half full, and can always find the blessings in life no matter what life throws at her, bc she knows Jesus is Lord and all things are possible with him.

One thought on “Vertical Pursuit: The way He sees it

  1. Sharon O says:

    thank you for writing for the ladies group… chasing toddlers around is a very ‘intensive’ place to be in your life, but be assured they do grow up and they do become young people you can be proud of… from a grandma of six.


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