Vertical Pursuit: Saying Yes to Rest


Danae Allen and Kim Smith both share today about what rest and recharge looks like in their lives right now.  Enjoy their personal perspectives!

From:  Danae

“Resting well” is a practice that has taken a long time for me internalize. One of the reasons it’s taken so long is because I pride myself in being a capable person – if I am able to do it all, shouldn’t I do it all?

I was trying really hard to do it all a year ago – working a fulltime job, being present for my family, serving in women’s ministry, in worship ministry, in prayer ministry, speaking every once in a while, leading a Bible study, etc. The result was feeling burnt out – not once, but twice in the span of 6 months. Finally I got some help (professional and spiritual!) and began to learn the power of my “yes“.
I realized the truth that the Vertical Pursuit chapter on “Recharge” communicates – I needed time for myself in order to thrive! The only way it was going to happen was to give my powerful yes to one or two areas of ministry and gently say no to other things. This allowed me to carve out time to say yes to the things that I know help me to thrive. And by carve out time, I literally mean I have to schedule in time for the things I enjoy – going on a run, baking, reading, spending quality time with my family – because if I don’t happen to my schedule, it seems to happen for me.
I’m not perfect at this, but I know that my stress levels have significantly decreased since I made this adjustment; I’m happier, healthier, and can feel the physiological difference in my being that honoring the need for Recharge has made for me.

Where are you giving your powerful yes to in this season?

What are the areas where you could lean further into saying yes to Rest in your life?


Danae Allen

Danae is one of the Authentic Grace Blog Administrators.  She comes alive in the Fall. Crisp air and morning jogs crunching fallen leaves is enough to keep her soaring through the overcast Oregon days. Her personal musings can be found at:

From: Kim

In order to thrive, we must be in a posture to release.  To let go.  To exhale.  But I have to figure it out for just TODAY.  If I am going to put into practice rhythms that will help me thrive, I must switch gears and change my pace.  Find the time today to recharge, refocus, rest.

Within the pages of the Vertical Pursuit book (134-135) we are challenged to release in a number of ways:  “Know[ing] Your Limits”, “Exercise”, “Eat Right”, “Make Time for Yourself”, “Develop Your Spiritual Relationship”, “Forgive”, “Give Back”, “Mix Things Up”, and “Invest in Healthy Relationships and End the Unhealthy Ones”.   Right now in life, I am making small investments in all of those areas–which has produced growth in me–but to highlight just two, I can say that I now purposefully take time for myself, and that I continue to give back.

Taking time for myself has allowed me to let go and exhale.  I am now at a posture to receive and I am trying to listen to God and be more present with Him.  I can also take the time to do something I enjoy–even if it is for 20 min.  If I want to exercise, great!  If I want to spend time with the Lord, now I have created that space.  The effects are so life-giving. -And just the quiet is ah-mazing!!

I give back.  Just about every week, for one morning,  I go and volunteer for a little while before work at our school district’s Clothing Closet.  This place does wonderful things for the needy and homeless families in our district and it reminds me of how much I really have.  It has become a joy and a privilege.  Some weeks, I drag myself to do it, but it’s the people we help and community surrounding it that make the “going” worth it.

Okay even though I only mentioned two things, I want to do all of this in order to thrive. Right?  So I can then…do what?  Do more? To have more?  To be more?

Wait, now I’m back at the start again.

No, I need to do this for my health. My whole-being health.  So I can get up each morning and be the mom that listens, the wife that loves, the friend that cares, the neighbor who stops and takes time, the reading teacher that sees growth, and the Christian woman that seeks her God and Savior…so that He may be glorified in ALL the work that I do.  Today.  Every day.

That is SO tough. And I stink at it.  But it is not impossible.  I have a gracious and merciful God who grants me strength every day if I claim it.  WE have this gracious and merciful God who desires time with us.  Friends, I just want to encourage you to take the time.  Any time.  So we can thrive together in pursuit of God.

img_2761-2Kim Smith  (& daughter, Maia – it was her turn again!)

Kim is one of the Authentic Grace Blog administrators.  God is EXTREMELY patient with her as she pursues Him.  Kim loves to create and has WAY too many boards on Pinterest.  She also loves a good chat over coffee.  *Ask Danae!

We LOVE you, Grace Chapel ladies!!

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