Giving Thanks: He is Faithful


Have you ever waited for something? Your heart longed for a home, a child, a strained relationship restored? I have been at that place of waiting..more often then not. Yet I have seen God provide everything from little to huge. I have seen our bank account and freezers filled, our children clothed, friendships restored, a text from a friend with a timely word, a smile, a hug and even a candy bar brought just when needed most. God has shown Himself faithful and constant through it all.  I have learned to notice and be grateful for all things, at all times.

Has it been easy?  At times, not so much. I have learned that my trust is not in my timing, my plan, my security..but in the One who is greater. I have learned to allow God into every moment. Loving Him for who He is, waiting on Him, to be childlike and look forward to His surprises, gifts and blessings.

Just recently, I had a miracle, long awaited, abdominal surgery. It has been years of crying out and waiting on God. He had a perfect timing. He sustained and carried Me. The best part of all, was while sitting and reading last week, I heard the Lord say, “I love you. I enabled this surgery to ‘thank’ you for all you have done to honor and obey Me all these years.” I knew He provided and opened the door, but was not expecting to hear that. Wow!! How great is His Love for us!

How about you? What have you been waiting on the Lord for? Ask the Lord to remind you of all the times He HAS been there.  Thank Him for making you stronger, wiser and more faithful in the waiting. Know that He longs to show you himself and has good and perfect gifts in store.  Know that you are not alone.

He hears.

He sees.

He is Faithful and worthy of our Praise.


lisaWe love our Lisa Hefner. She speaks such truth from her heart as she lets her Father speak to her.  Lisa is a wife and mother of 8 beautiful children and is a priceless member of the Grace Chapel family.

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