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I love that God is always in motion. He doesn’t sit on the sidelines just observing, but actively stirs our hearts toward him. As much as I desire the moments when this stirring leads to soaking in His Presence and receiving His Peace, I am learning to also embrace the moments when the stirring leads to feeling unsettled and restless. He is teaching me that those are moments when He invites me into more of Him and shows me that He is a God of Abundance.

I’ve come that they may have life, and have it abundantly. (John 10:10)

One of the times I experienced this kind of “stirring” happened a couple of years a while I was attending a much anticipated Women’s Conference in California. I was surrounded by friends, it was my birthday week, and I was excited and hungry for any gift He wanted to give me! I wanted to be stirred! I experienced His Presence in every song, every message, and every prayer. He was speaking to me so personally about the direction He wanted to take me in the next season. I loved hearing His voice, but wasn’t sure I loved what He was saying. I was full of reasons why I wasn’t ready for what He was asking. I was sure stepping into the areas of leadership he was suggesting meant stepping beyond the lovely, comfortable, private season of soaking in His Presence that I had been enjoying. It meant I would have to put myself out in the world more when all my introverted self really wanted to do was stay in the Secret Place a little longer. I had feelings of inadequacy and fear despite the beautiful words He was speaking over me. I compared myself to the women who had inspired me and couldn’t see how I fit in. But, I also desperately wanted to be obedient.

That was the state of my heart on the last day of the conference. But, God didn’t leave me alone in my restlessness, but showed me a beautiful way that I could enter into the process of receiving His abundance. Although my friends had no idea what was stirring in my heart they presented me with the perfect birthday gift that day. I opened the package to find a Giving Key necklace engraved with the word “INSPIRE”.

As I read the card full of encouraging words about how I had inspired them, I was completely humbled and overwhelmed with how God had used these friends to speak the exact words I needed to hear. I was released from the fear and lies I was believing.

I began to understand that He had prepared me for this moment and wasn’t asking me to give up anything that He had already given me, but rather He was inviting me into more! He was promising me a gift! As I put that necklace around my neck, I felt like I was literally holding His promise close to my heart even though I hadn’t fully received it. The season that followed was transformational and full of His faithfulness, but it wasn’t always easy. In those hard moments, that key became a tangible reminder of my “yes” to His invitation and a statement of my bold expectation that God would give me all I need.

Every good and perfect gift is from above… James 1:17

I passed that necklace on about a year later to a young leader who inspires me. I didn’t give it away thinking I had fully received all that God would ever give me in that area, but rather, knowing that He had planted something beautiful in me that was growing and taking root. I could trust Him to tend to it well. Even now, He is working in this area of my life, and welcome the pruning.

I am continually in awe of the Goodness of our God! He is never finished pouring His Love on us! He never stops revealing His character to us! He delights in lavishing us with good gifts and blessings! He has given us countless promises and He is Faithful! I encourage you to invite Him to stir your heart.

Ask Him to show you what He wants you to receive from Him in this season. I believe when we ask, He will give you a specific word.

While there is nothing supernatural about a Giving Key (In fact you can get creative and find your own way to display your word), I believe being hungry and expectant enough to hold His promise close to your heart invites His supernatural abundance. He is a Good Father; When we are hungry, He feeds us! Whether you are in your darkest season or experiencing Him on the mountaintop, He always offers us more and He is always enough!

Open your mouth wide and I will fill it! (Psalms 81:10)

Interested in the Giving Keys?

You can check out their website here

Source: the Giving Keys


amy-aAmy Antony has been married to her husband, Matt for 27 years.  They have three kids, Ben & Jacob (20) and Olivia (19).  Amy has been instrumental in bringing life to the IF: Gatherings and Tables for our Women’s Community as well as being a vital part to the Prayer Ministry at Grace Chapel.  Amy and her family have been attending GC for 8 years.

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