RENEW: New Self


Photo by:  @familleribeaucort on Instagram


“Renewing the mind is a little like refinishing furniture. It is a two-stage process. It involves taking off the old and replacing it with the new. The old is the lies you have learned to tell or were taught by those around you; it is the attitudes and ideas that have become a part of your thinking but do not reflect reality. The new is the truth. To renew your mind is to involve yourself in the process of allowing God to bring to the surface the lies you have mistakenly accepted and replace them with truth. To the degree that you do this, your behavior will be transformed.”

– Charles Stanley

God renews us.  Cleans us.  Transforms us.  Provides us with truth, every day.  We are seen as having accomplished what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross:  white as snow.  Cleansed with the blood of Christ.  And now His beloved.

We want to explore renewal this month with some of our women from Grace Chapel and what it might look like in our daily lives, in our thoughts, in our actions.  What does renewal look like to you?  We’re JUST beginning a new year and it is an optimal chance to start afresh – even with just one thing in your life.  Most importantly, we have another opportunity to “take off the old and replace it with the new”.  All in God’s beautiful grace and love.

Would you be in prayer over what God wants to renew in you?

{The Authentic Grace Blog Team}



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