RENEW: Write it down


Renewal can be violent business.

At least it feels that way at times.

Those times when I’m ten steps down a mental path only to realize, “Oh wait!  This isn’t right!”  Those times when my thoughts have wandered and the what-ifs have plagued me and somehow my problem has become bigger than my God.

Wait.  This definitely isn’t right.

Then the tearing down in the mind comes “harder,” at least more deliberate.  What lie have I believed?  What truth do I now need to see?

I’ve found God works renewal in so many ways.  I love the gentle, day-to-day breathing of renewal through reading His word.  I love the small gifts that catch my attention – the sunshine, the rainbow, the smell of my son’s hair.  Take note, self, God really is in a good mood.

I love when renewal comes organically, simply – quite frankly I love it when I don’t really have to work for it.  But sometimes there is work to be done.

In a very recent season, consumed by circumstances and fear, I came face-to-face with that work to be done.  It hit me that I was believing a lie.  How had I not realized it before?

Oh no, this is definitely not right.

Then a meeting with a friend, a recounting of seasons past, a telling of what I had seen God do.   And then the reminder, I have won this fight before.  I have won the fight against fear and doubt and an ever-shrinking God. I have won this fight…with thankfulness.

And so I returned to the practice that brought me victory before – write it down, Kiesha, what are you thankful for?  Write it ALL down.  Over days the list grew long.

My dishwasher.


A husband who adores his boys.

Different colored highlighters.

Lunch with a friend.

Heat inside my house.

Coffee.  Again.

And then all at once it seemed the fear was gone, the sleep and peace returned, the unknown no longer of concern.  Had my circumstances changed or was it just me?  I believe it was both.

I believe thankfulness reminded me of the power of my God.  I believe thankfulness tore down lies and hopelessness and fear.  I believe thankfulness actually changed things.

I believe thankfulness brought renewal.

Now what are you thankful for?


Kiesha Brainard spends her days keeping up with three men – one full-grown and two growing way too fast.  She is learning that God loves to laugh and smile, and that He is so much better than we could ever imagine.

One thought on “RENEW: Write it down

  1. Abby Brown says:

    I needed this. In this very moment, full of worry, confusion and concern, I stopped in my driveway and just stared out at God’s creation. The sun shining so brightly. The grass touched with frost. The beyond hills which are still topped with snow. I am thankful for these visions this morning and in recognizing that renewal is coming to me through His simple goodness and with His guiding hand and heart.


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