Humans: Two-Way Street

city street grace.jpg

Grace is a two way street.

Driving pregnant on the freeway I thought, “1000 more feet and the freeway will open up”. The belt tightening around my son, reassurance and fear cinching in, wait…

I was just rear-ended.

Ouch…I am fine, I am pretty sure. I am fine. Thank! You! God! I love traffic!

My brain tried to calculate the amount of force transferred to my body.  I just want to go home! I struggle out of the small car, I look back over my shoulder and see a young man. When I turn around, he sees I am pregnant.   A particular shade of avocado colored his face. I looked at my bumper with the new imprint of his license plate holder. I rubbed my belly and turned to the anxious man and said, “Don’t worry about it.  Let’s go home.” This young man’s expression, is indescribable, but was a gift from God, a glimpse of what grace looks like.

Grace fully given is an unwarranted gift. We are at fault. This gift only brings peace and freedom if we fully accept and receive it. The young man didn’t try to argue with me, or insist we call the police. He received my gift of grace and allowed God’s peace to overcome him. When I saw him receive the gift, I was filled with joy and thankfulness.

Later, I wondered…How many times have I declined God’s grace? I try to argue with Him that I am underserving. My heavenly Father must stare at me in wonder while I miss the enormity of it all. Grace is not merely about the receiver; it is a bold statement declaring the position of the giver. In the bumpy times I cry out to my Lord and ask that he help me to graciously accept His Grace and deliver it to the hurting world around me.

leticia-pLeticia Perez is an outspoken introvert that readily walks in the seemingly endless contradictory nature God has woven her from. At Grace Church 2.5 years ago, Leticia felt God was calling her family to move to Wilsonville and attend Grace Chapel. They moved here 6 months later. Her Husband Will Huff and their two kids Kalia Huff (8) and Liam Huff (4.5) continue to teach her that God knows more than she does, she just needs to listen.

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