Humans: HIS Grace


HIS Grace.  Grace is supernatural help.  Living by HIS Grace.

About me:  People tell me I have a gift with faith.  No matter what life throws at me,  I am almost always able to respond in strong faith that God and I – we got this!  I brush it off and move along, in faith.

I am a 39 year-old single mother of three school-aged children.  I have my children 24/7.  They are all high-functioning and participate in sports, music, and a variety of social activities.  I also have an older 20 yr old daughter whom I support, but while she doesn’t live under my roof, she is still in my thoughts and prayers every day.

I work full time (usually more than 40 standard hours) as a Mortgage Loan Officer.  I help people become approved for their dream homes.  I support a lot of real estate agents in marketing and business development activities.   Frankly, I am carrying a tremendous amount of responsibility.  People often ask me, “How do you do it?” I get these questions about every week, and I always say, “It’s by HIS Grace, not mine, that I am able to keep up with this life He’s crafted.”   But HIS Grace is Deep, much deeper…

And this year HE wanted me to see how deep.

In December of 2016, my oldest son was diagnosed with an Auto Immune Disease, Type 1 Diabetes.  He had been sick for two months, and we ended up in ICU for a few days.  You have to understand, we barely catch colds in our family.  I did not want Diabetes.  Not for one minute.  This was a HUGE shock and a major adjustment to our already very full life.  We were already stretched so thin!  Why us?  He needs constant monitoring and is 100% dependent on insulin 4-6 times a day.

In learning how to manage sugar levels and his daily needs, I subtly grew an attitude of being weary and unthankful and, well, just going through the motions – not remaining in my gift of faith.  I realized one day that attitude grew to a place my walk had really not been before: for the first time, I was struggling with being angry with My Heavenly Father for giving me yet another HUGE responsibility, manifested in my sons illness.  I didn’t need anymore.

As I realized He was letting me sit in that place of distrust and lifelessness, I began to seek answers; I prayed and got alone.  At first I prayed, “God, why are you not providing me with more Grace for this struggle?”  He answered me, but in HIS amazing way: At this same time, my son began telling me we needed to reach out to other kids his age and families with this same walk.  Very tired, I agreed, and I quickly realized His answer to my heart-cry.

I had the privilege of watching my son walk alongside another student, encouraging him and creating community out of his own pain and struggle. This was not happening because of Super-Mom.  I KNEW this was by HIS Grace – a much Deeper Grace than I have ever known.  A MUCH Deeper Grace!  This experience allowed me to catch a fresh revelation of HIS Grace being enough.  My son had this DEEP True Grace within his heart; I just gave it all to him that day, and then my attitude changed.  My joy and energy came back.  And I’m sure you can guess what I felt right away… HIS Grace.  His Grace is our supernatural help. Amen!

View More: Sliger was born and raised in Portland and has attended Grace Chapel for more than 3 years. She enjoys fitness, yoga, and hiking. She has a huge passion for unity and deeper relationships and loves connecting family, community and business network contacts.

One thought on “Humans: HIS Grace

  1. Shirley Boyd says:

    This touched my heart deeply as Kyla is my granddaughter, but I don’t get to see her very often so was not aware of the deep struggle she was going thru! One thing I do know is that she has many gifts, loves people and is a wonderful Mom!


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