Fruit of the Spirit: Patience in the Journey


“What Fruit of the Spirit have you seen the Lord grow in your life?” was the question . . . well, of course, it was patience! I had just taken a 90 year old shopping for groceries and clothes! And I had to wait in line at the Post Office! And an independent 3 year old grandchild! Didn’t those things take a lot of patience!?!

Then God prompted me to look up the meaning of patience – “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset”. And He took me back 23 years to a promise He gave me that would allow me to practice patience in suffering, waiting, and delay.

In Oct. of 1993 our first grandchild was born to our 17 year old son and girlfriend. And baby Sarah was adopted to a precious Christian family. It broke my heart to know we would not have a hands-on relationship with her. You see, I’m a “relationship-versus-list” kind of person. And this was my granddaughter! God comforted me with a promise that we would get to know Sarah once she was 18; that was a long time! So I reminded God of His promise on Sarah’s birthday each year and many times between. We trusted and waited, each year choosing and mailing a musical birthday gift to her and sharing with people about her and God’s promise. We needed to wait for her to request a relationship.

Patience in the Journey. . .

Well, after 19 years, we received the letter from her, wanting to pursue getting to know our family! I was over the moon excited and thanking God for his faithfulness to fulfill His promise. Sarah is now very much as part of our life, and we have the relationship we were promised. God even blessed me with an overnight visit to her childhood home, sleeping in her bed, with her musical birthday gifts from us setting around the room! God and I had a praise fest that night!!

When I reflect on those 18 years and the process God took me through. . .

to wait with full expectation that He will do what He says He is going to do in His perfect timing . . .

the backbone of patience is waiting on Him.

He knows the whole picture and has the eternal perspective. And I want to be a part of that!

He continues to have me in a “waiting room” in other areas of my life, being patient with His plan to be fulfilled. . . to set my mind and prepare my heart for whatever the Holy Spirit wants to do to fulfill that plan. Thank you, Jesus, for our relationship and for the Holy Spirit walking beside me, reminding me to be patient.


merryMerry Shervey has been attending Grace Chapel for about 13 years with husband of 42 years, Wayne. Merry retired this past year from a 40 year nursing career, now enjoying being a Grandma to 4 grandchildren, gardening, and quilting.  She and Wayne enjoy getting to know new people and have recently felt led to organize Prime Timers at Grace Chapel for those in their over 55 years.

3 thoughts on “Fruit of the Spirit: Patience in the Journey

  1. Sharon Osterhoudt says:

    What a heart breaking story I cannot imagine what you went through while waiting for the years to pass by. I am so glad the story has a good ending and so blessed to know a little more about you. May you have many years of continued joy together. Our daughter’s name is Sarah, it means princess. Thank you for sharing this precious story, it wonderful.


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