God Is: ______________

Psalm skyscape

Who IS this God we worship?

The Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last.  The Creator, the God of gods, the God who Sees, the Father of Lights and Mercies.  The All-Consuming Fire, One who is Living, One who is Love.   Our Shield, our Strength, and our Song.

This God is worthy.

He is worthy of our worship.  He is worthy of our praise, adoration, our voice, and our lives.  Let’s explore him together this month.  Let’s listen to the stories that we tell of our Great and Wonderful God and the work He is doing in our lives.  Let’s take front seat to His moving amongst us and open ourselves to His Words, His Love, and His Plan in our journeys as He delights in us.

For in Him we live and move and have our being. {Acts 17:28}

“Worship happens whenever we intentionally cherish God and value him above all else in life.  Worship reveals what is important to us.”  {Spiritual Disciplines Handbook}

Join this exploration with us.  The map is endless and the Heavens declare how Great our God Is.

{Hearts open and hands skyward:  Kimberly Smith & Alyssa Wise ~ AG Blog Admins}

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