Express Yourself: Prophetic Art Night

“Human beings are made for worship.  Everyone worships someone or something…  [We] cannot help but assign ultimate value and worth to someone or something.”

“Only a love relationship with our Creator…[can satisfy our core longings].”

{Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun}


This month, we are asking some of our Grace Chapel women to share how they express their worship to God in their own ways.  We are looking forward to hearing about how these beautiful acts unfold!!

But wait!  There’s more!

We had an awesome night of expressing ourselves this last month!



The lobby of Grace was transformed into an art studio as I saw our women come in and express their excitement of something new.  Mothers and daughters, friends, and women of all ages found their seats around the tables covered in plastic.  There was an energy in the room as women eagerly awaited the next steps. More and more women came, until about 70 finally found their place around the tables; ready to express themselves and hear more about Prophetic Art.  Ready to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Nicole Allen, who runs Koinonia Ministries with her husband, Andrew, provided the direction, information, and supplies for the evening.  She spoke to the ladies about how we need to let God speak and that Prophetic Art was simply an expression of creative skill that translates the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is, most importantly, a revelation from the Holy Spirit with a message behind the art.  It is about creating intimacy with Jesus.  It takes practice and creating at different paces are okay.  It is God’s timing.  Ultimately, the art speaks, whether to you or to someone else.

After a little while of waiting for the women to begin painting and making progress, I walked around, with my investigative reporter mindset, asking various women if they wouldn’t mind telling me about what they were painting.  Each woman received a different message or inspiration.  This was evident even in the colors of paint they chose for their pallets! That within itself was beautiful!  Some women took inspiration from scripture, some from a life experience, and others on a focused meaning of something in particular.

Little by little, my investigative reporting mind softened to not looking for facts, but simply listening to what these women were expressing.  And whether I knew them personally or not, I felt a sense of connection to their heart’s cry and a reflection of the Spirit speaking.  Even if it was in a beautiful memory, like of one woman who was painting a memory of the first time she was at the Oregon Coast and had a “God Moment”.  Another woman already had her sister, who had been suffering with some mental health issues, on her heart.  She painted a beautiful, symbolic picture for her sister in hopes to encourage her.  One woman, whom I knew her and her family, took some pages of scripture {provided} and drew/painted on top of the scripture with specific pictures and symbols that had reflected her family in that season.

I could go on and on about this new-found sense of expression!  Women were reaching beyond their comfort zones and finding therapy, a Word, a Picture, and a means of encouragement through this art.  I hope that the Prophetic Art Night can be viewed as a non-threatening space where women can come and open their hearts and head to what God wants to say…and that they can take something with them to use and continue creating as He still speaks.  If anything, women are listening to God and trusting in His direction and allowing themselves to express it through paint.

When I left, my heart was full…without even picking up a paintbrush.

IMG_2777Kim Smith {AG Blog Administrator}

2 thoughts on “Express Yourself: Prophetic Art Night

  1. Sharon Osterhoudt says:

    That is amazing. I wasn’t able to go but know how much free worship is expression and sharing. So glad it was a positive time for everyone.


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