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Did you get a chance to read about the Prophetic Art Night?

Well, now you get to read thoughts about it from some of the women who attended…and see some art!

These were the questions that our Women’s Community Pastor, Jen McCourt, sent out:

*Were you hesitant/scared when you came?  

*Did the evening change your thoughts/ perception?

*Would you share with us your stories and maybe even a photo of your art work? 

*What did God share with you?  Do you know who your art is for?  Do you know what it means?
*Would you be interested in another art night in the future?

Here’s the response from some of our ladies to the questions above:
Danae Allen {Authentic Grace’s former Admin} said:
* No, I was excited! 🙂
* No, it was exactly what I expected.
* When I have done prophetic art in the past, I usually don’t get anything specific…I just choose colors that I’m drawn to and I usually paint to music and it’s expressed through my brush. This time – I got VERY specific words and colors, almost like step-by-step instructions for the painting. That was fun!
* I don’t know who it’s for, and I have a general idea of what it means, but there is probably more going on.
* YES.
Whitney Richey {who also attended with her mom} said:
Thank you so much for putting the night together. Though I didn’t know what to expect it, at the same time it exceeded my expectations. Here’s some feedback for you –

*I was a little hesitant just because I had not done any kind of paint night before, but was excited to give it a try.

*I felt that I understand prophetic art and have a stronger appreciation for it than I did before. I’m looking forward to continuing in it.

*Coming into the art night I felt pretty strongly that whatever my painting turned out to be would be a representation of peace. As I sat and listened to our speaker I got the image of water and a sea turtle. I got paint that seemed to fit the colors of the turtle, water and softer shades that spoke to me as more “peaceful” colors. As I began painting I felt God was trying to explain to me that this painting was a representation of my journey. The bottom has darker shades of blue and black and as it moves to the top it becomes lighter. The turtle is swimming and making their way into the lighter water. This represents me moving out of past of pain and darkness and into the light where God is calling me to be. I believe the turtle represents me because I’m usually perceived as a survivor, strong, focused and a hard worker. But really this is just my tough outer “shell”. On this inside I’m fragile and vulnerable and rely on God’s protection to keep me alive and moving forward. What I thought would be just a fun community night ended up being more emotional than I expected. Being able to share art with other women and being open and supportive to the others was fun as well.

*Definitely wanting to do it again!

Jackie Root said:

Thanks so much for the fun evening!

I wasn’t hesitant about coming to the event, I just looked forward to a nice evening with friends. I have not been to a prophetic art event but thought Nicole did a great job. I drew a picture of a nature scene with waves, trees and rocks. I was listening to the worship music and heard the line “wave after wave washes over me” then I thought of the Colossians 1:17 verse, which says “He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.” I don’t know what my art means beyond that, and I don’t have anyone in mind to give the art to yet. I would definitely be interested in having another art night. I have friends who don’t go to Grace that I think would like to come as well.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Colleen Smith {Of Blessed Creations} said:

I came with no hidden fears or expectations, I came with an idea of what I was to paint but once there it was changed.  I have spent the week looking at this, the original thought to me, was center light, our lives are always moving whether it be in lightness or darkness but the center light is always steady and bright.  It has also come to mind that this is the tomb (center light) and once Jesus was encased in there just light in life and Heaven His light always shined.  Then yesterday I turned my painting, because Nicole said look at it and you may see new things 😊 hence, twister, same ideas just a different view of the painting and it gave different movement to it. 

I would love, love, love to do more art stuff and I really liked the prayer pieces she had up front, I forget what she called them, they were circles with woven designs or fabric and streamers off of them.  Yes I have all the stuff and have done art before but if I do not go somewhere and do it with others, I do not seem to do any of it!  Such is life, constant motion but we have the One steady Son in the center.

Thanks for the blessings!

Here is Colleen’s Prophetic Art Painting:

On the left is the painting horizontally.  Colleen calls it:  “Center Light”.

On the right is the painting vertically.  Colleen calls it: “Twister”


We are looking forward to more events where our Grace Chapel Women can come and express themselves through various forms of worship!  Stay tuned!

{Blessings! ~ AG Blog Admins: Kim & Alyssa}

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