Express Yourself: Kiesha Brainard

joy flower sprout

Kiesha Brainard enjoys expressing herself in worship to God with her words; which capture her emotions, her thoughts, her hopes and longings.  May you be captivated by the earnest feeling of her words that follow.

The gray clouds linger long, the mind and heart caught in their depth and shadows. The soul, it believes in the sun, chooses to sense its presence. Somewhere, it is there…somewhere. There is weariness in the hoping.

Joy and peace, He whispers, joy and peace.

But the clouds, the clouds…they speak of anxiety, echoes of striving swirling in their midst. The winds far too fierce to fight, far too violent for a lifting of the head.

Joy and peace, He whispers, joy and peace.

The barren ground of the heart it longs for the taking, for the breathing in of the promise – joy and peace, He whispers, joy and peace.



Was it really that simple?

The emergence of time-lapse growth. Young shoots spring forth. Buds rise from weary ground. Blossoms break in reds, yellows, the deepest of purple. There is light, there is color, there is a fullness of the soul. Dare I say…joy and peace?

The head shakes and smiles at the revelation. There was a choice to lay down what was rightfully mine. Be at rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.

Joy and peace, He smiles, joy and peace.

keishaKiesha Brainard spends her days keeping up with three men – one full-grown and two growing way too fast.  She is learning that God loves to laugh and smile, and that He is so much better than we could ever imagine.




2 thoughts on “Express Yourself: Kiesha Brainard

  1. Michelle Bellah says:

    Sigh, I am madly in love, with both the Story Maker and the Story Teller in this case. Thank you Kiesha for reminding me that PapaGod, He is good. Joy and Peace – fix your eyes and heart on Him michelle. He has not changed nor forgotten ; it is i who need the reminder. Thank you.


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