Express Yourself : It’s Your Turn!

What about You?

This month, we’ve been reading about how some of our Grace Chapel ladies express worship in their own ways. It’s a beautiful thing when we find ways to worship God through our passions and talents, whether it’s conventional or unconventional! We know many of you have unique expressions of worship, so we’d like to throw the question out to each of you:

How do you express worship to God in YOUR own way?

Through music?

Art? Poetry?

In the trees? In the quiet of your home?

By yourself? With your family?

We want to hear your story! Tell us about how you’ve come to express your worship to God in a way that feels like an expression of yourself.

Use the comment box below to share your thoughts — and let’s get the conversation started! 


7 thoughts on “Express Yourself : It’s Your Turn!

  1. Sharon Osterhoudt says:

    I love to go to the beach and listen to the waves, it reminds me of the power and majesty of the almighty God. When I am not doing that I am enjoying quiet music and I also write in my blog.


  2. Jen says:

    I am a processor. This takes on many facets. My worship is often about processing what I am hearing from God. I love to repeat back scripture. I love to draw when I think God has given me a picture. (No, I’m not an artist). I just desire to respond, whatever that looks like.


  3. The Momflict says:

    I love to sing and listen to worship music…it helps me to center myself and focus on what He may have for me in that moment. Often times He will give me a picture or a word for someone to share.


  4. Sarah Carter says:

    I love to sit at my avocado green piano to play and SIIIIIIIIIING my favorite worship songs followed by some spontaneous lyrics!


  5. Kim Smith says:

    I love sitting before Scripture or a written prayer and pulling out the words that speak to me and then hand-lettering them in some fashion. It’s such a quiet and slow process that causes me to slow down.


  6. Alyssa Wise says:

    I feel closest to God when I’m in nature, so hiking has become a way for me to express my worship. There’s just something about disconnecting from the world and breathing in that forest air that makes me feel so connected to Him. I love it!!


  7. Kiesha says:

    I come alive with worship music! My headphones on (so I can’t hear myself :), sitting on the floor at the foot of my bed with my Chris Mcclarney Pandora station playing is my current sweet spot. But…over the past couple years (and with the right, sometimes fleeting, focus :), I have also come to realize my ‘work’ as worship, especially when I think I’m doing something trivial, unseen. I believe my time spent making endless lunches and cleaning the kitchen for the umpteenth time TODAY is a sweet aroma to my Jesus!


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