Express Yourself: Kara Cox

When I surrender fully to Him, I worship the Lord, unhindered.

My expression of worship comes most naturally in the form of musical worship. Whether I’m singing, playing, or listening to a song that is filled with the theological truths about our Lord, I feel my mind focus, my heart settle, and my whole being long for our King.

As a young girl, my mother used to sit me down next to her on the piano bench as she played through the worship songs she lead at our church. It was there, on the piano bench, that I began to hunger for the reality of the words we sang. Songs like “Open the eyes of my heart, Lord”, and “Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts” began to penetrate my selfishness and my hardened heart. God met me on that piano bench and instilled in me a passion for musical worship as my way to connect with Him. He also gave my heart a clear desire to lead others to meet Him through songs of praise, surrender, and thanksgiving.

Through musical worship, I feel His presence rest on me and bring grace to every part of my being.

In Psalm 139:1 and 4, David writes:

“You have searched me, Lord, and you know me…

Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, 

know it completely” (NIV)

King David writes that the Lord has searched him and knows him completely, inside and out. David understands that the Lord knows his actions, thoughts, and words, before they have even come to be.

When I worship the Lord through music, this truth becomes my surrender.

And when I surrender fully to the Lord, I worship Him, unhindered.

12805682_1279154172099780_5139507974324341867_nKara Cox has been attending Grace Chapel for a year and a half. She’s on staff as the Ardent Worship Director and leads the Ardent Worship Team. Kara also recently got married to an incredibly handsome man named Shelby Cox! She loves to sing, play piano and paint. She’s passionate about Jesus and the work He is doing at Grace Chapel, and feels so fortunate to be a part of this family!


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