Dear Grace: In Your Own Words

Encourage (1)


We are blessed by the words shared so far – and we’re just getting started! We have more women on deck, anxious to share their own words of encouragement. My hope is that this series will be an opportunity for us to build up this community of women.

Connect. Engage. Inspire each other.

What feels like the smallest gesture of encouragement can have a huge impact in someone’s life. I’ve felt that impact time and time again, and for me, it’s been a reminder that I have an army of support behind me AND a God who is using others to speak truth into my life.

I would also challenge each of you to be bold in encouraging each other. Find new ways to offer encouragement. Let God speak through you. I know you all have inspiring things to say and we want to give you the chance to share, too.

So, we’re going to kick this question back at YOU:

If you could say something encouraging to the women of Grace Chapel as a whole, what would you say?

Use the comment box below and share your own words, verses, graphics, whatever you like!

Do you have more to say? We’re excited about this series and will keep adding more writers or speakers as our community feels inspired, so feel free to email and we will add you to the list!

With all the love,

Alyssa (& Kim!)


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