Dear Grace : Words from Sierra Smith

If you could say something encouraging to the women of Grace Chapel as a whole, what would you say?


To hear more about the series Dear Grace, click here!

View More: Sierra Smith and her family moved to Wilsonville in 2013. She’s passionate about health and fitness, which led her to Wilsonville Sole Sisters, who led her to Grace Chapel in 2014. Her relationship with Christ has deepened because of the connections she’s made through these women! She’s an active member of the Wilsonville community, both working and raising her kids there. She and her husband, David, were married at Grace earlier this year. Sierra is also a certified Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Instructor who is passionate about supporting and empowering women.



8 thoughts on “Dear Grace : Words from Sierra Smith

  1. Sharon Osterhoudt says:

    Thank you for those wonderful words of encouragement. I am so glad you found Grace to be home and you have made wonderful friends. May God bless you in your journey as you keep pressing forward.


  2. Berenice Brown says:

    Hi Sierra, your video was onpoint! My family and I have been attending Grace Chapel for 8 months or so. I love this town and the people around here. I just need to be intentional and make long term friends verses just saying hi and then bye. My goal for this week will be to Change that!
    PS: Do you still have the Soul Sisters group?


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