Dear Grace: Words from Sharon Osterhoudt

There is blessing in taking the risk.

Dear Grace,

When I was asked if I would like to write a letter to the women of the church, I had to pause and reflect on what words I would say. I am a senior who has slowly learned to use my voice and I wondered if I did, what would it look like for me to speak to many ages in a room?

Over the last 40 days, I have participated in an online Facebook group that has been reading and studying a book called Whisper of Rest, by Bonnie Gray, 40 Days of God’s Love to Revitalize Your Soul. I think what I would want to share with the ladies, based on what I have read recently in this challenging book, is this:

You are the beloved of God.

You have a gift and you are a delight. “You will be named my delight, for the Lord delights in you.” (Isaiah 62:4)

If you are a young mom with little ones who demand and tire you, until you have no more strength left: HE delights in you. He calls you in a unique and personal way. Being a mom of little ones is very important. It is truly a calling; for you are raising future big people who will need to know how to manage life, faith and responsibilities.

If you are a leader in the children’s or youth department, consider yourself ‘called’ to let your light shine. You have a light that should not be covered or hidden. You are important and needed. Remember the little song, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine?” Let it shine and do not hide it.

Your voice will come as you stretch yourself in ways you never thought possible. Embrace your calling and giftedness and thank the God who gave it to you. Not everyone can do what YOU do.

Some of you love to encourage through making meals, writing notes, or even taking seniors to their appointments. Use your gift of encouragement in whatever way you find possible. Find something positive to say and speak out and encourage other with words of affirmation. If you can write a note and send it in the mail, do it! You can easily find envelopes at the dollar store, along with paper and pens. Hand-written notes are always good.

Challenge yourself to move out of your world of comfort and push yourself to become more of WHO you were made to be. It is not what you do, but it IS who are you.

Don’t feel you are not needed because of age. Embrace your age and share your matters of heart with others. Our experiences cannot be just for us; when we tell our stories, we allow those who have not walked our road to hear and know and see how God has provided.

We just had a panel of four wonderful ladies who shared their stories and opened up their chapters for all to hear. It takes courage to do that – and not everyone’s story is beautiful. But, everyone’s story is a testimony that we are the beloved.

To this virtual room of women, I challenge you:

Use your voice, your gifts and your calling. Embrace them and don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone.

There is blessing in taking the risk.


SharonSharon Osterhoudt has been married for 42 years. She has two grown children and six grand children. She and her husband have attended Grace Chapel for over ten years.

She is a creative author and blog writer of the blog:



2 thoughts on “Dear Grace: Words from Sharon Osterhoudt

  1. Kathleen Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing this vital message, Sharon. We all need to hear of a our value and that we have unique gifts and spheres of influence, to impact others in a way no one else can. This seems to be a theme that the Holy Spirit is speaking to us, currently. I liked your various examples of using our gifts to serve others.
    I love the Isaiah scripture, “You will be named my delight, for the Lord delights in you.”


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