Dear Grace: Words from Kim Smith


Enough.  That word.  I fight for it and against it.  I love it and hate it at the same time.

How often have I had an inner-dialogue with myself that had sentences that sound something like, “Well, I’m not _______________enough.” Or, “My house isn’t ______________enough.”  Or, “My weight/marriage/children/attitude/spiritual life/faith isn’t…enough.” ? –All too often and it’s exhausting.  I’m weary because of it.

Am I alone in this?  Anyone else in our GC Women’s Community in the fight with the word “enough” in your life?  Anyone? …Bueller?

Recently, I read some of my old journals.  I saw page after page of a verbal wrestling match with the Lord for the last 10 or so years of my life.  I wrestled with Him over my finances, my weight, my marriage, my self-worth, my parenting, my identity, my children, my housing situation.  In January of 2006, I wrote, “I came to the conclusion that I felt like I wasn’t good enough.” Yah, wow.  I bet He waited patiently again and again until I was done wrestling and needlessly worrying about not measuring up.  But, of course, time and time again, Jesus met me and helped me see how He was enough for me.  That in Him, I was enough. More than enough.  That I could make it.  And I did because there were just as many pages written in those journals of praise and thanks.

So, can we be done with using the word enough in a way that defeats us?  Okay?

Friends, we ARE enough.

Psalm 138:8a

“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me”

I mean, our God is FAITHFUL to finish what He starts.  His STRENGTH is enough for us to make it, even if for just today.  Can we own that?  When we feel like the worst versions of ourselves, can we grab ahold of those truths? When the lies flow through our head like a bad inner-dialogue, can we be taking captive our thoughts and record over them with words of love?

The Gospel of grace says that we receive His favor IN FULL when we accept Him as Savior.  No measuring up, no condemnation.  Just a following of faith and obedience because of our love for Him.  He LOVES us, Ladies.  There is no earning or asking, “Is this enough?” “Am I enough?”  Because we already are.

Wherever you’re at today or even in this season of summer, please KNOW that you’re enough.  If you identify yourself in Christ, HE IS ENOUGH FOR YOU.  Learn about this, follow in faith, rest in His grace and love.  Seek out who Jesus is so you understand more of why He is enough.  And if you are already a woman who is secure in knowing this – go and speak it to others!!  (Because clearly, I’m kinda a hot mess about it right now!! Ha!)

Thank you, Pinterest, for this quote from Jennie Allen.  It sums up this letter perfectly.

IF Gathering Jennie

IMG_5376Hello! It’s me, Kim Smith!  Along with Alyssa Wise, I steer the Authentic Grace blog ship and navigate where the Spirit leads.  It’s been a total blast!

I’ve attended Grace Chapel for about 5 1/2 years with my husband, Jake, and my kids, Avery & Maia.

Hugs to all of ya.




One thought on “Dear Grace: Words from Kim Smith

  1. Kathleen Smith says:

    All women struggle with this issue. Thank you for these words of freedom Kim. Yes, we are enough because of Christ who lives in us!


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