Dear Grace: Words Said Again ~ Part 2

Hi ladies!  This week our posts are reposts from last summer.

Katie Harrington wrote something for Authentic Grace that we felt should be read again because of its simple, yet beautiful message.

Please enjoy this post again as we celebrate each other in this series of Dear Grace.


Unique – 1.  Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else

Each one of us has a unique gift or talent to share, however, we have gotten caught up with wanting something else another person has.  I know I have been caught up in that cycle and then I never feel good enough or performed enough.  This verse reminds me that God has created me to be unique, to be someone that no one else has been or will be.

Unique girl on rock

Each of us has unique DNA and that’s what makes the world a great place to live.  If all of us were the same, the world would be a dull and boring place to live.  I may have a talent or skill that someone doesn’t have and vice versa; when both of us work together, something amazing happens and we are able to produce something special.  God has a plan even before any of us was born.  Remember to embrace your uniqueness and thank God every day for who He has made you to be.

Don’t forget how beautiful you are!  You are one of a kind!

Katie HarringtonKatie Harrington has attended Grace Chapel for 8 1/2 years.  She still calls California home, but has embraced being a transplant.  She loves coffee, reading and baking.  You will see her buzzing around doing various volunteer duties and will always have a smile on her face!



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