AG Summer Vaycay

flamingo vaycay

It is SUCH an honor and privilege to be at the helm of this blog.  We enjoy connecting with women and helping them share their stories with all of you.  We strive to create a continual meeting place of Christ-followers and a safe space to speak in truth and love.

Did y’all know that we do this in our spare time? We do!

So…we decided that we needed some vaycay time.

Alyssa works full-time and these last two weeks in August are full for her!  She’s got a big event for a client, she is running in Hood-to-Coast, and then has an out-of-town guest coming.

Kim works part-time and these last two weeks in August are full as well!  Kim is working a few days, trying to manage appointments, back-to-school craziness for both of her kids (can we even not starting talking about all the fees for Middle School and High School?!), and visiting out-of-town family.

Whew!  So, you can see that we kinda have lives outside of the blog, right?!  Haha! That being said, we need two weeks to also regroup, pray, and solidify plans for the Fall and Winter months…all so that Authentic Grace can finish 2017 strong and continue to  empower all you Grace Chapel women!!

Feel free to look through the past year’s posts from our fabulous community of women from Grace.

Can’t wait to see you on September 5th!

(Kim & Alyssa ~ Authentic Grace Blog Admins)


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