New Series: Super Women!


Hello Ladies!

Can you believe Summer is almost over? The last couple of months have flown by for me. How about you? Are you ready for boots and hot toddy?

Kim and I have enjoyed some much needed R&R and are ready to hit the ground running with a new series we’re calling:

Super Women : Celebrating Women, Wins and Wow Moments!


Super Women deserve to be celebrated.

I’m sitting at at a networking event, when the host poses the question: Why do you deserve to be celebrated today? She releases the group into a meet and greet time, where we have to (emphasis on the “have to”) answer that question as we introduce ourselves.

I can feel the panic set in as soon as I shake my first hand. Why do I deserve to be celebrated today? 


Fortunately, Linda, the owner of the hand I’m holding, answers first:

“I deserve to be celebrated today because frankly, I showed up to this event. I’m always committing to things and backing out at the last second. I committed to being here and I’m here – and that is a win for me”.

Her answer isn’t profound, but it completely changes my perspective. That is a win! I relate to that feeling. Suddenly, I’m proud of Linda, and I don’t even know her! I want to hug her and buy her a coffee! I want to celebrate with her and tell others about it! (But, I don’t want to scare her, so I settle for a nice shoulder squeeze and “I’m glad you made it”)

This question has been tugging at my heart strings for two reasons:

First, it took me longer than it should to identify something to celebrate. Sometimes, I focus so hard on the big things, that the “smaller” things fall by the wayside. These smaller moments are so significant – and it can be in these moments where God is revealing His faithfulness. I don’t want to miss those moments!

Second, I don’t think we’re celebrating each other enough. I think of my mom, going out of her way to make her family and friends feel special every day. I think of my sister, pursuing a career she’s passionate about. I think of my best friend, raising a toddler as a single mom. I can’t tell you how often I look at one of these women and think, Gosh, I don’t know how she does it all. She’s amazing. There is so much to celebrate! I want these women to feel celebrated.

Our Dear Grace series brought some beautiful words of encouragement for the women of Grace Chapel, as a whole. We want to take it a step further and give you the platform to celebrate a woman (or women) in your own life – for any reason. Who is your Super Woman, and why? From overcoming giants to those small, significant daily wins, we all know a lady who deserves to be celebrated.

And really, we all deserve to be celebrated. It’s as simple as that.

Stay tuned!

Alyssa (& Kim)







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