Super Women: Back Story

super book

When your 15-year-old son knows a ton about comic book heroes, you go to the expert!  So, before school, as he was making his lunch, I had my coffee hot and my questions ready.  I had questions for him about super heroes…and their back stories.

As we know, in the realm of comic book stories, there are heroes and there are villains and the storylines are SO all over the place, it’s almost hilarious.  But nonetheless, whether good guy or bad guy, they all have a back story.  My son says that most often, super heroes have back stories that come from experiencing some sort of trauma.  That got me thinking…but more later…

He went on to explain that there are also different factors of where their super powers came from.  Some get it from science, some from magic, some get it from the mutant-factor, and others are just inhuman.  Thor was an example of a super hero that was born into their position; thus dedicated to keeping the universe safe.

I pressed him a little more about these newly-created super “people”.  I wanted to know what generally happened first after they received their powers.  My son said that at first, these new heroes will wield their new-found powers for vengeance and then it eventually turns to avenging.  The ones that stick to vengeance become the villains.

As the comic stories go, when the heroes start using their powers, sometimes they have a problem with their abilities, other times it’s more emotional, control, or morality issues that hinder their effectiveness.  Still, other times it was a matter of needing good teamwork skills.  Ultimately, super heroes have the choice to either (his quote) “keep their demons in-check” or work through their past as they go and help the world.

Now this is all just silly…or is it?  How much of these fictional hero stories hint to our own stories?  Is there trauma in our lives that has been causing shame and ineffectiveness?  Do we need to forgive or work through our past to find freedom?  Are we not tapping into the power that we have through the Spirit?  –Are you getting my bat signal with this, ladies?

We’ve got the ULTIMATE HERO:  Jesus.  We know that, right?  But do we REALLY see Him as that person in our lives?  He alone can handle our back stories.  He alone can bring us to redemption.  And He alone saved the world.  ~Sorry Superman.

So what’s it going to be for you?  “Keeping your demons in-check” or running to Jesus for healing?  That may seem extreme, but for me, my “demons” can be the lies I believe.

I know, we’re no super heroes.  (I don’t even WANT to consider what I would look like in spandex.)  But we’ve got the power inside of us as Christ-followers to fight darkness in our lives and to overcome evil with good!  Let’s break chains and find healing as super women.

-Kim Smith (AG Blog Admin)

Here’s an exercise that you can practice at any time:  Forgiveness Prayer

Feel free to use this little card as a guide for a conversation with our Hero.

(We used this at a Women’s Community gathering a while ago)

Forgiveness 2






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